13 Pros & Cons of The NBPOWER 72V 2000W Electric Bike Kit

“A thrill-seeking investment with stellar build and performance, yet marred by shipping issues, power discrepancies, and elusive post-purchase support.”

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  • Outstanding white-glove customer service – This isn’t your run-of-the-mill, send-an-email-and-wait customer support. The company excels in its dedication to providing an excellent customer service experience. From help with shipping to lightning-fast replacements for any defective parts, you are in safe hands.
  • Incomparable Build Quality – NBPOWER 72V 2000W Electric Bike Kit Review scores high on this crucial factor. The kit comes with durable, high performing parts, including a muscular 72V 2000W rear hub motor and Sun ringle MTX33/39 double-wall alloy rims, backed by a 72V 45A Sine wave controller.
  • Installation made Easy – Even if “DIY” isn’t your middle name, you won’t have a problem installing this kit. It’s a relative breeze, necessitating just minor modifications to your beloved bike’s frame and motor.
  • Invigorating Performance – Expect power, and plenty of it. This motor has no qualms about helping you reach exhilarating speeds of 35-45 mph – all based on your preferred setup and power application.
  • Impressive Longevity – With a suggested 20 Ah 72V battery, you’ll be cruising for miles on end – 60-80 to be precise, on one charge alone. That’s right, let the wind in your hair and forget about pesky charging cords for a while.
  • Seamless Execution – A comfortable ride is practically a guarantee with this kit. The controller and the motor play together harmoniously, ensuring your journey is smooth and free from any overheating shocks or surprises.
  • Versatility – Whether your ride is a sturdy Giant Talon XL Aluminum, a reliable Schwinn Boundary, or a classic 2005 Giant Stiletto, this kit is all set to boost your bike’s performance, providing a great level of flexibility.
  • Big Bang for Your Buck – The quality components and powerful performance of this kit make it a worthwhile investment, giving you a considerable return on both the thrill of speed and the satisfaction of quality.

Unfavourable Aspects

  • The NBPOWER 72V 2000W Electric Bike Kit arrives with a rim desecrated, not by cruel fate, but by negligence. One side of the rim was bent, compelling the user to secure it with rim tape and make use of a file to smooth down leftover burrs from its factory birth.
  • The kit drew suspicion for seeming second hand, a ready subterfuge for the new. Unsettled and disarrayed, the products were not nestled in their original packaging – hinting to an earlier unboxing.
  • The phase wires for the motor and controller were as compatible as chocolate and pickles. They boasted different thicknesses thus making the promise of plug-and-play compatibility slip through loose fingers.
  • The controller, that’s included in the kit, is like promising you a fully-grown dragon but delivering a gecko instead. It’s rated for a meager 36/48v, contrary to the advertised hyperactive 72v, coercing additional purchases of a compatible controller upon the user.
  • If the kit was a treasure map, customer service would be the elusive ‘X’. Post-purchase support is minimal and unenthusiastic, demonstrating a lack of accountability for any issues discovered once the deal is sealed and delivered.

Boost Your Biking Experience: NBPOWER 72V 2000W Electric Bike Kit Review

The NBPOWER 72V 2000W Electric Bike Kit is not just an average pick-me-up for your everyday bicycle. It’s an industrial-grade powerhouse promising to turn your bike into an athletic, electric speedster. State of the art back-end 72V 2000W motor? Check. Speed and acceleration that would make the most reticent snail green with envy? Double-check.

Moving on to Its structural attributes, renowned for their toughness, the Sun Ringle MTX33/39 Double-wall alloy rims are a feature worth highlighting. Providing stability and durability, they make your ride as smooth as a fresh jar of skippy. On the tech front, there’s something rather exciting. This kit boats a 72V 45A Sine wave controller, neatly tucked inside a convenient Controller Bag optimizing for excellent power regulation. Now, isn’t that fancy?

And we’d be remiss not to mention the Multifunction SW900 Display. This isn’t just a head-turner; it’s a game-changer, furnishing you with all the control you need right at your fingertips. Monitor your speed, gauge battery levels, or calibrate your assist level – all with a simple swipe. Now, that’s what we call “riding smart”. What’s more? The grand finale of features is the neatly bundled seven-speed gears designed to match any riding condition thrown your way. So go ahead, choose your own adventure—because with this kit, the road is really, truly yours.

NBPOWER 72V 2000W Electric Bike Kit: A Review on Customer Support Experiences

NBPOWER, a highly respected company, has consistently garnished praise for its stellar customer service, particularly with its 72V 2000W Electric Bike kit. A common consensus among users reveals how the staff’s availability adds to the appeal, with one satisfied customer recounting their fruitful communication with the company before and after purchase via WhatsApp. Here, the company departed from the norm – not only requesting express shipping, but providing an interaction experience akin to dealing with an American business than an entity overseas.

In another instance, a customer faced glitches with parts of their kit. However, they extolled the efficiency of NBPOWER’s customer service, lauding their swift response in providing replacements. This incident underscores the brand’s dedication to fixing issues and cementing customer satisfaction.

Conversely, a critical review flew in the face of the overwhelmingly positive experiences. The disgruntled customer alleged that post-sale, NBPOWER failed to uphold their products’ integrity, counter to their supposed reputation of “great customer service”. This viewpoint is crucial as it casts light on potential inconsistencies in customer support, reminding potential buyers that although largely satisfying, experiences may vary.

Unleashing Speed with NBPOWER 72V 2000W Electric Bike Kit: A Review

The NBPOWER 72V 2000W Electric Bike Kit pushes the boundaries of performance, bringing in impressive speed and power for thrill-seeking riders. This dynamo is perfectly equipped with a robust 72V 2000W rear hub motor and a matching 72V 45A Sine wave controller, crafted to tackle diverse terrains with superior efficiency.

Riders can’t seem to get enough of its speed prowess. One gratified cyclist could hit a nerve-racking 45 mph using a 20 ah 72 volt battery on their relic, a 2005 Giant Stiletto bicycle. And yet, another user achieved an exciting 35 mph on their Schwinn Boundary, even on a conservative third power level!

It’s not just about speed; the kit has also earned accolades for its hefty power. Users praised the undeterred power and speed rendered by the kit when coupled with a battery constructed from Sony VTC 4 cells. Installation was a breeze, as noted by another enthusiast, offering an invigorating power boost that saw their bike dashing off at 32 mph.

In a nutshell, the NBPOWER 72V 2000W Electric Bike Kit has coaches and casual cyclists smitten—delivering awe-inspiring acceleration and grace to surmount challenging terrains. It truly crafts an experience that leaves its users spellbound.

An Exploration into NBPOWER 72V 2000W Electric Bike Kit Review: Assembly and Compatibility Insights

Embarking on the voyage of assembling the NBPOWER 72V 2000W Electric Bike Kit can be likened to scaling a mountain – potentially challenging, especially for those unacquainted with the quirks of e-bike construction. Like any self-assembly project, it does help if you come armed with some practical know-how and a war chest full of appropriate tools. Unfortunately, it seems instructions aren’t part of the package, hence leaving you to rely on your own devices and intuition.

Although this kit presents itself as a sort of “one-size-fits-all”, proclaiming compatibility with a plethora of bikes, there’s a bit of a disclaimer. The rear hub motor, outfitted for a 135mm rear dropout, may throw a spanner in the works with certain bike frames, leading to necessary adjustments or modifications. The journey of installation just got a little more exciting, didn’t it?

Indeed, the motor and controller – two essential components – might throw a minor tantrum during the assembly process. Differing thickness gauges of the phase wires for motor and controller have been reported to cause issues. Moreover, a thoughtful customer found that the provided controller might not cozy up with a 72V battery as advertised, hinting at a potential need for a separate, compatible controller purchase.

On the bright side, the silver lining stormy assembly skirmishes seem to be the shining beacon that is NBPOWER’s customer service. According to testimonies, customers who found themselves on the treacherous soil of assembly troubles were swiftly equipped with replacements and sound problem-solving advice. It’s almost like having a safety net under your high-wire balancing act of e-bike assembly.


When examining the NBPOWER 72V 2000W Electric Bike Kit, it’s clear that this product is not for the faint-hearted. It checks numerous boxes in terms of build quality, installation, performance, longevity, execution, versatility, and value for money. However, it offers a roller coaster ride when it comes to its downsides as well. Shipping problems such as bent rims, questionable packaging, and mismatched components issue seem to dull its shine.

Also, the discrepancy between promised and actual power of the included controller is a gray cloud on an otherwise sunny day. Last but not least, the post-purchase support seems elusive, much like finding a leprechaun at the end of a rainbow. Still, the stellar aspects offer good grounds to consider it a worthy investment for those willing to overlook the unfavorable aspects or at least, bring their DIY skills to the table.

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