9 Pros & Cons of The NAKTO Electric City Bike

The NAKTO Electric City Bike impresses with powerful performance, remarkable battery life and superior comfort, though saddle improvements and clearer assembly instructions could enhance the overall experience and potential product inconsistencies may warrant buyer caution.

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  • Power-Packed Performance: The NAKTO Electric City Bike, driven by a 350W motor, doesn’t just provide cycling, it reinvents it. Its three-mode operation configures the ride just the way you want it. Hence, our NAKTO Electric City Bike Review: it’s more than just an e-bike, it’s an experience.
  • Battery That Goes On and On: The bike sports an easily removable battery neatly tucked underneath a tilt saddle for ease of recharging. On a single charge, you’re set for a journey spanning 25 to 35 miles, perfect for those who seek adventures beyond the horizon.
  • Say Yes to All-Weather Rides: Its resilient all-terrain tires, full metallic chain and mud-protectors ensures you can Own the Road under any weather, without concerning about any comfort compromise.
  • Supreme Comfort, Tailored for You: Experience optimum comfort with a custom-crafted, perfectly contoured saddle, and a silky-smooth ride thanks to its six-speed Revoshift gears. Front suspensions and dual mudguards are the cherry on top of this comfortable ride.
  • One Bike, Two Experiences: You have the power of choice – go with E-bike mode for an effortless long-distance experience, or the traditional bike mode for those workout days. Why not combine both for the perfect duo of pleasure and fitness?
  • Assembly Made Easy: Even though initial assembly presents some challenges, the bike includes a separate assembly sheet, complete with a manual and toolkit. Backed with a 12-month warranty, it’s designed for a smooth setup process.


  • Let’s cut to the chase: the saddle could do with an upgrade. After a substantial duration of venturing, you might feel like you’ve been sitting on a rock. This becomes a bit of a letdown for those embarking on lengthy journeys with the NAKTO Electric City Bike.
  • Don’t fancy puzzles? You’re in for a ride. The assembly can be as tricky as solving a Rubik’s Cube blindfolded, especially for those who can’t tell a wrench from a hammer. The manual provided requires you to channel your inner bike mechanic, but could definitely benefit from more clarity and step-by-step illustrations.
  • Oh, and while we don’t want to be party poopers, we need to mention there has been an isolated case of a customer returning his bike and getting a refund. This could potentially indicate certain inconsistencies in product quality. Nevertheless, it’s worth keeping an ear to the ground for further similar reports in future ‘NAKTO Electric City Bike Reviews’.

Revamp Your Cycling Experience: The NAKTO Electric City Bike Review

An electrifying blend of convenience and comfort, the 2020-Newest NAKTO Electric Bike is the smart choice for the savvy cyclist. Equipped with a user-friendly quick-release battery and a tilt saddle, recharging is as easy as it gets. Here’s a bike powered by a 350W motor, offering three interchangeable modes to take you 25-35 miles in one charge. Ready for a smoother ride?

Featuring six-speed Revoshift gears for quick changes, you’re in control of your cycling speed. Braving the weather is a walk in the park with the sturdy all-terrain tires, resilient metal full chain, and mudguards. For those passionate about peace-of-mind, the V-Fork brakes, front suspension and front and rear mudguards guarantee an uninterrupted and comfortable ride.

This bike isn’t just about getting you from point A to B. It’s about the journey. Its sculpted saddle promises an unmatched riding comfort while the high-powered 350W motor, with a top speed of 20MPH, delivers 30-40 miles on a single charge under pedal assist. Add the 26-inch Kenda brand tires and 6-speed gears, and your smooth ride just got smoother.

The NAKTO Electric City Bike isn’t restrictive. Fancy a leisurely ride? Switch to pedal assist. Craving an adrenaline rush? Opt for the variable speed throttle. Prefer a conventional cycling experience? Just turn off the power assist. The possibilities are limitless.

When you unbox this exceptional electric bike, you’ll find a complete cycling package: 1 x NAKTO Electric Bike, 1 x Manual, 1 x Tool Kit, 1 x Battery, 2 x Battery Keys, and 1 x Charger. For added reassurance, the NAKTO range offers a full 12-month warranty. The power of worry-free cycling is in your hands.

NAKTO Electric City Bike Review: A Fusion of Features and Comfort

In the realm of leisurely cycling, the NAKTO Electric City Bike makes a stylish entrance with its extensive palette of superior features and specifications. Point in case, the bike’s powerful 350W motor under the hood, which provides breezy acceleration and imparts a silky smoothness to your entire riding experience.

Delving a little further, the versatile ride modes strike a cord too. Dual options of selectable pedal assist and a “variable speed throttle” gifts riders the prerogative to choose their favorite propulsion method. For the purists out there, there’s even the option to cycle without power assist!

Going the distance isn’t an issue either. With the capacity to cover 25-35 miles on a single charge, long, worry-free rides are par for the course. Low on charge? No worries. The quick-release battery and tilt saddle simplify the recharging procedure to a tee.

The NAKTO Electric City Bike also checks the durability box with its sturdy construction and adaptable all-terrain tires. It’s a trusty companion for various weather conditions and different types of terrain.

But where it truly comes into its own is the comfort department. With its artistically sculpted saddle, the bike molds itself to the rider’s needs, making it an inviting proposition even for those with medical conditions.

The convenience of six-speed Revoshift gears and quick-change features ensures that gear shifting is always a smooth and enjoyable experience. Enhanced safety measures are in place too, with integrated metal full chain and mudguards shielding against dirt and debris. This, along with elevated V-Fork brakes and front suspension reinforces stopping power and offers a smoother ride.

Accompanied by front and rear mudguards and a handy front basket for storing personal belongings, this bike strides beyond the basics. Interpreting all this, the NAKTO Electric City Bike emerges as a well-rounded, dependable and comfortable choice for leisurely cycling and assisted uphill pedaling.

Revel in the Ride: NAKTO Electric City Bike Review

In the realm of comfort and convenience, the NAKTO Electric City Bike steals the limelight as the ultimate choice for commuters and leisure cyclists. Its range of features is so extensive, it’s like enjoying a sunlit afternoon ride in the park – even during peak hour freeway traffic.

The bike gets its superhero cape with the quick-release battery and tilt saddle, making recharging feel as effortless as sipping your morning coffee. A 350W electric motor powers the bike, offering three selectable modes, akin to an all-you-can-eat buffet. Choose from pedal-assist to burn those lunch calories, a variable speed throttle for those joyrides when you want to feel the wind in your hair, or unassisted cycling if you’re in the mood for some old-school charm.

Featuring a six-speed Revoshift gear system and instant gear change, your ride is as smooth as a Sinatra song. Not shy of some off-road action, the bike adds on all-weather protection with its all-terrain tires, complete metal chain and mudguards. Now, that’s a bike that comprehends the unpredictable nature of weather, like a wise old sailor!

This cyclist’s dream comes with a custom-made, snug saddle, taking your comfort to a whole new level. Imagine riding on a cloud and you’re nearly there. To further add to the comfort, our hero has upgraded V-fork brakes and stellar front suspension. Just when you thought it couldn’t get better!

All in all, the NAKTO Electric City Bike serenades your ride into a carefree adventure. With thoughtful features that range from easy recharging to seamless gear shifting and enhanced comfort, cycling has never been so joyous or effortless.

A Closer Look at the NAKTO Electric City Bike: Riding Experience to Assembly

Every cyclist demands a smooth ride, and the NAKTO Electric City Bike delivers just that. Thanks to its sculpted saddle and tilt functionality, you won’t find a hint of discomfort even on longer routes. Its quick release battery system and 350W motor pack a punch, permitting you to swap between three modes – an absolute game-changer when dealing with challenging terrains. Embark on extended trips spanning up to 35 miles on a single charge, a fact that lends joy to an avid cyclist’s heart.

NAKTO’s Electric City Bike Review gets more intriguing, courtesy of its six-speed Revoshift and quick-change gears. These enhance your biking experience, promising a seamless ride anytime, anywhere. The bike steps up its game with front suspension and upgraded V-Fork brakes, serving a silky, controlled ride even while treading on rough surfaces. It doesn’t stop there. Its all-terrain tires, complete with in-built metal chain and mudguards, make it an all-weather champion that won’t let rain dampen your bicycling parade.

The assembly, although challenging, takes a turn to the better with some patience and elbow grease. True, the bike could do with more comprehensive assembly instructions, especially for the novice bike assemblers. Still, once set up correctly, the bike shines on its durability and excellent performance, more than compensating for the slightly tricky build-up process.


In conclusion, the NAKTO Electric City Bike offers a power-packed performance with its robust 350W motor and flexible three-mode operation, enhancing the overall cycling experience. The bike’s impressive battery life, all-weather resilience, and supreme comfort features stand out, although the saddle could benefit from an upgrade for extended journeys.

The assembly, though thoughtfully equipped with a detailed manual and toolkit, remains a challenging puzzle for novice bike mechanics—something that could be smoothed by refining the instructions. A single noted case of customer dissatisfaction indicates potential inconsistencies in product quality that prospective buyers may want to keep an eye on. However, despite these drawbacks, the NAKTO Electric City Bike promises an unrivaled blend of comfort, performance, and flexibility, pushing the boundaries of traditional biking.

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