14 Pros & Cons of The Master Lock Cable Lock

“An innovative, sturdy lock boasting versatility and rust-resistance, though let down by its weight, rigidness, and disappointing plastic holder.”

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  • Introducing a solution to securing your belongings – the adjustable Master Lock Cable Lock. A patented locking mechanism allows the cable to hold fast at any position, tailoring a perfect fit to your needs.
  • Featuring a vinyl coat, the cable can smoothly thread through areas that other cables simply can’t reach.
  • A fusion of strength and flexibility, the braided steel construction ensures that this lock meets your security needs without compromise.
  • Worried about the elements? This lock has got you covered with its rust-resistant features and vinyl-coated cable, offering superior resistance against weather and scratches.
  • A light breeze to usability, the lock comes with a generous 6 ft. cable length and comfortable 5/16 in. outside diameter – plenty to secure a wide range of items.
  • Included in the package are two keys and a combination security option for those who favor keyless convenience.
  • A stalwart guardian for items like bicycles, ATVs, grills, and even lawn mowers – this lock offers reliable security.
  • The lengthy design comfortably wraps around the seat post without becoming a troublesome hurdle to the rider.
  • User experience has been kept front of mind, with an easy-to-use adjustable locking feature and a user-programmable combination.
  • Master Lock Cable Lock Review consensus: A tough, durable design provides a formidable barrier against theft attempts, keeping your property safe and secure.


  • The hefty dimensions of the ‘Master Lock Cable Lock Review’ contradict the weight description provided. It tips the scale at around 1.5 lbs, much to the dismay of many who had their hearts set on a lightweight companion. Featuring a bulky stature, it isn’t the go-to choice for those on a hunt for a slim, fit-for-all lock.
  • Flexibility — or the lack thereof. Some users report grappling with the cable’s reluctance to stretch satisfactorily for securing their bikes to desired locations. This certain rigidity in attitude could elevate the inconvenience levels.
  • Believe it or not, this lock brings along a plastic holder in its entourage, presumably intending to secure the ‘heavyweight’ showpiece. However, some customers argue that the holder isn’t up for the task, and there have been sightings of the lock making feeble attempts to abscond during transportation.
  • Fulfilling its function satisfactorily, the lock tends to come off a tad too plastic-like, stirring up a symphony of disappointment in some users. The song of its ‘cheap plastic feel’ might not be music to everyone’s ears, especially for those anticipating a more robust sensory experience.

A Review of the Reliable Master Lock Cable Lock

Dive into the world of enhanced security with the thoughtfully designed Master Lock Cable Lock. Doubling as a flexible guard for both inside and outdoors, its adjustable locking system is ready to cater to a variety of protection duties. From sheltering your bicycle to safeguarding your ATV or grill, its capabilities are as diverse as your security needs.

Be ready to be impressed by the lock’s patented design that securely holds the cable in place and its vinyl coating which acts as a sturdy shield against weather and scratch related damages. Not just that, the length of this security genie spans a generous 6 feet with a solid external diameter of 5/16 inches, lending it a blend of flexibility and strength.

The resilience of this Master Lock Cable Lock review is unparalleled with its braided steel make-up promising durability. Add to that its rust-defying features, and it becomes a trusty companion in an array of weather conditions. It comes complete with a set of two keys to ensure a key-based security system.

Another feather in its cap is the 4 dial combination security that this lock presents you with, making the hassle of lost keys a thing of the past. With Users having the privilege to set their combination, the introduction of this keyless convenience amps up the flexibility and user-friendliness. Simplistic yet efficient, this lock proves to be an easily operable solution for keeping your belongings securely tethered.

Master Lock Cable Lock Review: The Ultimate Security Companion

Inside or outside, the Master Lock Cable Lock seamlessly suits your needs, making it a truly versatile piece of equipment. Do you need a steadfast guardian for your bicycle, ATV, grill, or lawnmower? Look no further. This adaptable lock, with its 6 ft. cable length and 5/16 in. exterior diameter, delivers both wide-ranging coverage and formidable strength to protect your valuables.

Equally interesting is its patented modification feature. This lock doesn’t just go the extra mile, it goes any distance between 6 inches and 6 feet, giving you a customized fit that is nigh-on perfect. Adjust it to your specific needs, thread it through the tightest gaps, and enjoy both flexibility and convenience in one package.

Predominantly made of braided steel, the cable presents reliability and durability in equal measure. The cherry-on-top? A rust-resistant locking mechanism and vinyl coating, ensuring that whether come rain or shine, your lock is always prepared and remains resistant to scratches, continuing its vigil without a blip. An asset for long-term outdoor usage, the Master Lock Cable Lock is indeed a commendable asset for securing belongings.

Mastering Convenience: A Master Lock Cable Lock Review

In the realm of safety and convenience, the Master Lock Cable Lock emerges as a champion. Its patented adjustable lock technology makes it a user-friendly option, giving you the ability to secure the cable at any position from 6 inches up to 6 feet. Such flexibility allows for an optimal fit, whether you’re protecting bicycles, ATVs, grill sets, or even petulant lawn mowers which inevitably thirst for freedom.

The secret weapon of this cable lock is its vinyl-coated cable. This crafty feature allows the lock to thread through areas where other cables would admit defeat. Whether you’re fastening your bike to a tightly-knit pole or chaining your adventurous ATV, the Master Lock Cable Lock caters to a seamless experience.

But the show doesn’t stop there. Brace yourself for the pièce de résistance – the 4-dial combination security. This feature graciously offers keyless convenience, relieving you of the constant paranoia of misplacing keys. You also hold the power to set your own combination, escalating this lock from a safety device to a quick access tool. Notably, this feature transforms the usual lock-up routine into a worry-free, time-saving procedure. So, let’s toast to fretless security.

Mastering Durability: A Master Lock Cable Lock Review

Known for its sturdy construction and lasting performance, the Master Lock Cable Lock establishes itself as a paragon of reliability. Its primary asset, the steel cable, boasts of a braided structure which endows it with an impressive balance of strength and flexibility.

The result is a lock that laughs in the face of cutting attempts, providing its users with a sense of unrivalled security for their prized possessions. But it’s not just about brute force; it’s about resilience in the face of Mother Nature, too.

Designed to combat rust, the lock showcases its versatility, proving itself a worthy companion for both indoor and outdoor adventures. Rain or shine, sleet or snow, this lock stands firm, ever-ready to protect your valuables from harm, never faltering in its operation.

With an additional vinyl coat enhancing the cable’s resistance to scratches and damage, the Master Lock Cable Lock is not only dedicated to its own long life but also to preserving its aesthetically pleasing visage. This is durability and design, hand in hand – now, isn’t that a masterstroke?


In summary, the Master Lock Cable Lock provides an innovative solution to the need for robust security. Its adjustable feature, durable construction, rust-resistant quality, and thoughtfully-designed user experience would make it a valuable addition in securing a wide range of items, from bicycles to grills. However, it may not address everyone’s needs or expectations to the letter.

Despite its sturdy build and commendable security, the lock’s considerable weight, rigidity, and criticized accessory – the plastic holder – may raise eyebrows among potential buyers. Some might find these factors falling short of their vision for a conveniently-portable security companion. The ‘cheap plastic feel’ could also discourage those hoping for a more premium feel. So, while it has certain aspects to laud, potential buyers also need to weigh their personal needs and preferences against its drawbacks to make the most informed choice.

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