19 Pros & Cons of The Hurley Electric Bikes Kickflip E-Bike

The Hurley Kickflip E-Bike is a sturdy, tech-filled choice ideal for long-range biking with its impressive power-assist and delightful features; however, its complex assembly, heavier frame, and one-size approach may not suit everyone.

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  • Power Pack: The Hurley Kickflip isn’t just a bike, it’s a powerhouse with 250 watts of ride assist doing the pedaling heavy-lifting.
  • Throttle up: With the featured throttle mode, you can glide across the boardwalk like a seagull on air currents.
  • Go the Distance: This isn’t your run-of-the-mill bicycle. With a top speed of 20 mph and a range of 20 miles, the Hurley Kickflip encourages you to channel your inner Marco Polo.
  • Security Meets Convenience: Its removable battery unit ensures easy charging and secure storage. Did we mention it comes with keys?
  • Light up the Night: Equipped with a scintillating LED headlamp to light your pathway home during night rides – because nobody likes hide and seek with potholes.
  • Stay Informed: Keep an eye on your speed, battery life, and other ride essentials with the bar-mounted LCD panel. Who needs a dashboard?
  • Strong Foundation: Hurley Electric Bikes Kickflip E-Bike Review features a commendation on its 700c steel frame. It checks both boxes for strength and lightweight, creating a sturdy base for those wild rides.
  • Smooth Operator: Wide cruiser tires ensure a smooth and comfy ride, absorbing the bumps and jolts of uneven surfaces like a charm.
  • Take a Seat: For the long haul, the Kickflip offers a comfort saddle that minimizes saddle soreness and fatigue. You can thank us later.
  • Simplicity at its Best: Its single-speed drivetrain offers a hassle-free riding experience, because sometimes, less is more.
  • Tough Wheels, Safe Brakes: Equipped with strong 26-inch alloy double-wall wheels and reliable alloy caliper brakes, the Kickflip stands ready for the long run and the sudden stop.
  • No-Fuss Assembly: With 85% of the assembly done, and all necessary tools included, you could be up and riding in approximately 1-2 hours. That’s faster than some pizza deliveries!
  • The Right Fit: Its Medium 14″ size is perfect for riders measuring 5’0″ to 5’8″. Cinderella, your glass slipper is here.
  • Safety-Checked: Robin to its Batman, all Hurley bikes, Kickflip included, have undergone ACT and CPSC safety checks and certifications.


  • Strap yourself in for an authentic IKEA experience, the assembly process of the Kickflip E-Bike can be a bit of a marathon, clocking in between 1-2 hours, coupled with some indispensable safety checks. Turn on some tunes, or better yet, a Hurley Electric Bikes Kickflip E-Bike Review, and make an occasion of it.
  • One size does not fit all, the Kickflip E-Bike comes in a medium-does-it 14″ size. Hence, Shorties under 5’0″ and the vertically blessed above 5’8″ may find this ride a tad uncomfortable.
  • For those who prefer their bikes like their Swiss Army knives – versatile and capable of tackling various terrains – the single-speed drivetrain can be a bit of a let-down.
  • Although the alloy caliper brakes are mostly trusty companions, they might not give you that superhero-like stopping power when compared to other braking systems, such as disc brakes.
  • Though built sturdier than a body-building enthusiast on protein shakes, the 700c steel frame might come off as a bit on the heavier side for some users. If you’re after a feather’s touch maneuverability and ease of transportation, this could be a caveat to consider.

Unveiling the Thrills: Hurley Electric Bikes Kickflip E-Bike Review

Envision a world of exploration unhindered by distance. Imagine an e-bike that not just takes you places, but creates electrifying experiences along the way. Bring those imaginations into reality with the Hurley Electric Bikes Kickflip E-Bike. Designed to handle the call of adventure, the Kickflip is no ordinary dashed-off-the-rack electric bike. Embodying speed and versatility, it houses a 250-watt ride assist coupled with a throttle mode, making every ride more than just a journey.

Roaring to life with a top speed of 20 mph and offering a range of 20 miles, this e-bike transforms you from a commuter into an intrepid explorer. Also meet its other half – the detachable battery unit with keys, ensuring convenience and security aren’t left behind in the thrill of the ride. And worry not about nocturnal voyages. With a powerful LED headlamp to elude shadows and an LCD panel on the handlebars, you’re not just in control; you own the control.

Weighing in on its weight, the Kickflip champions the balance between strength and mobility, boasting a 700c steel frame – lightweight, resilient and the ideal companion for those unexpected terrain challenges. The wide cruiser tires and the comfort saddle team up to provide a smooth, comfortable ride, so even extended trips feel like a breeze. With a single-speed drive train in operation, maintenance goes from hassle to a cakewalk.

Riding with confidence calls for reliable stopping power, and that’s where the Kickflip delivers with its robust, 26-inch double-wall alloy wheels and alloy caliper brakes. Engineered for safety, these components ensure you’re always in command. The cherry on top? The Kickflip arrives 85% pre-assembled, so you can hit the road sooner than you can say “assembly.” Grab your tool kit (included, of course), set aside a couple of hours, and – voila! You’re ready to ride.

Take comfort knowing that all Hurley bikes, including the Kickflip, are ACT and CPSC certified, living up to the highest industry benchmarks of quality and safety. Suited for riders between 5’0″ and 5’8″, it exemplifies adaptability, ready to thrill everyone daring enough to take it for a spin.

Hurley Electric Bikes Kickflip E-Bike Review: A Treat for Modern Explorers

Imagine coasting along the sunset-kissed boardwalk, the wind in your hair as you embark on a journey to explore new spots. That’s what you get to experience with the Hurley Electric Bikes Kickflip E-Bike. With its robust 250-watt ride-assist and throttle mode, journeying up to 20 miles at speeds of up to 20 mph becomes a breeze.

One glance at the Kickflip E-Bike, and it’s clear that it’s built for both aesthetics and convenience. The bike comes with a removable battery, complete with keys, so your power source is always secure. The LED headlamp and bar-mounted LCD panel offer a comfortable and safe ride, ensuring that control and visibility are never a concern.

Furthermore, this mechanical masterpiece boasts of a rather cushy comfort saddle finished off with wide cruiser tires for an unbeatably smooth ride. With a seven hundred centimeters steel frame, it finds the balance between strength and weight surprisingly well. It’s sturdy, no doubt, but it wouldn’t feel like you’re lugging around a tank during your scenic rides.

Reliability is the Kickflip’s middle name, thanks to the bike’s 26-inch alloy double-walled wheels and trustworthy alloy caliper brakes. This single-speed drive train vehicle simplifies operation and maintenance. With 85% of the assembly completed straight out of the box, you can jumpstart your adventure in no time.

Suitable for riders standing between 5’0″ and 5’8″, the medium-sized frame ensures a customized fit. Rest assured, all Hurley bikes have aced rigorous ACT and CPSC testing. In essence, Kickflip isn’t just a choice, it’s a lifestyle!

An In-depth Look at the Hurley Electric Bikes Kickflip E-Bike

Exciting performance and high-end safety, coupled with remarkable convenience, qualify the Hurley Electric Bikes Kickflip E-Bike as a top choice for contemporary riders. The Kickflip’s heart is a potent 250-watt ride assist allied with a throttle mode, rendering challenging terrains a walk in the park (or should we say, a bike in the park?). Enjoy the thrill of attaining 20 mph and voyaging across a span of 20 miles. Now that’s what we call ‘covering new ground’!

On the practical side, the Kickflip promises safety in spades, courtesy of a lockable detachable battery. Included keys add a touch of James Bond to the mix. A luminous LED headlight, perfect for your night excursions, complements your evening mystery rider image. A handlebar-mounted LCD panel gives you absolute command over your ride, displaying crucial data at your fingertips.

Another striking detail of the Hurley Electric Bikes Kickflip E-Bike review is the bike’s famously sturdy yet lightweight 700c steel frame. This makes mount and maneuver tasks as breezy as a summer’s day. Broad cruiser tyres make every ride a smooth sail, and a comfortable saddle provides a snug future for your posterior. Also, a single speed drivetrain ensures simplicity, effectively making it child’s play!

Adding to its impressive list of features are its hardy, lightweight 26-inch alloy double-wall wheels and alloy caliper brakes renowned for their dependable stopping prowess. Yours safety guaranteed under all weather conditions. The Kickflip isn’t just a bike; it’s an 85% pre-assembled bundle of joy that comes with all necessary tools. Just dedicate 1-2 hours to assembly and safety checks, and you’ll be ready to rule the tracks! The medium-sized 14″ frame comfortably fits riders between 5’0″ to 5’8″.

All Hurley bikes, including our hero Kickflip, have aced stringent ACT and CPSC testing, certifying their quality and adherence to safety regulations. So go ahead, make the Kickflip your trusty steed!

Unboxing and Prepping: A Hurley Electric Bikes Kickflip E-Bike Review

First things first – the moment you unbox your brand new Hurley Kickflip E-Bike, you’ll realize the team has already done most of the hard yakka – 85% of it, in fact. Say a hearty thanks to them, fortify yourself with a cuppa, and prepare to get intimate with your new electric steed over the next couple of hours. You’ll find all the key gizmos needed to put the last pieces together tucked away neatly in the box.

Now, resist any temptation to use the manual as a coaster. This isn’t your standard IKEA flatpack. Follow the instructions to a tee, double-checking every screw, bolt, and doohickey. Secure the handlebars, adjust the seat to your comfort, tighten the pedals, and ensure the wheels are pointing in the right (or left) direction. Get these right, and you’re well on your way to a safe sail through the city or trail.

Safety Checks: Equally Exciting as Assembly!

After playing Bob the Builder, it’s time to put on your Sherlock hat. Check the tires – are they inflated right? Any signs of wear or tear? Next in line, your night knight, the LED headlamp. Give it a go, make sure it’s shining bright and right. The well-lit path ahead isn’t just about the journey, it’s a safety necessity.

Take a couple of minutes (or five) to get to know your bar-mounted LCD panel. It’s a mini mission control of sorts – providing real-time updates on your speed, battery life, and distance traveled; oh, and it’s excellent at breaking up awkward silences too!

Rest assured, the Hurley Kickflip E-Bike takes safety quite seriously – earning its stripes by meeting ACT and CPSC safety standards. But you’ve got a role to play too. Helmet on, traffic rules observed, and you’re set for a safe ride. Remember, proper assembly and comprehensive safety checks are your tickets to an exhilarating yet secure ride. Strap in, the Kickflip E-Bike is ready to roll!


The Hurley Kickflip E-Bike harmoniously melds power, security, and convenience into an overall compelling package. Its commendable 20-mile range, advanced 250-watt power assist, and delightful throttle mode sketch the image of a charming marathoner who’s there for the long haul. Factor in the convenience of a removable battery, LED headlamp, mounted LCD panel, and you’ve got a bike that feels like it just came from a tech fair. The Kickflip’s blend of comfort and durability, as shown in the sturdy 700c steel frame and shock-absorbent cruiser tires, is akin to a trusted bodyguard who offers you a cushy seat.

Yet, no Cinderella story is devoid of its midnight hour, and for the Kickflip, time strikes in its assembly process, rather aptly compared to an ‘authentic IKEA experience.’ The come-as-you-are one size doesn’t fit all riders, and the single-speed drivetrain may leave some feeling stuck in first gear. A slightly heavier frame and a potentially underwhelming stopping power dot the ‘i’s and cross the ‘t’s in the otherwise glowing report card. Thus, if you’re looking for a sturdy, tech-forward commitment rather than a light, all-terrain fling, your electronic glass slipper lies here.

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