17 Pros & Cons of The Gy6 Exhaust Bolt and Gasket

“While delivering on design and functionality, the product’s lack of longevity and specific design issues make it a mixed bag.”

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The Positives

  • The quality of the Gy6 Exhaust Bolt and Gasket gets an admirable thumbs-up.
  • Designed meticulously to function superbly with Chinese ATVs- it has worked like a charm!
  • The price, my friends, is a delightful surprise. Great value for money.
  • This sealant may as well have been a superhero, the way it sealed the exhaust and bolstered the bike’s performance.
  • Timeliness is next to godliness, they say, and these parts have divine punctuality – arriving on time and delivering as promised.
  • These parts are known to fit perfectly like a long lost puzzle piece on various models.
  • For even those not blessed with the DIY gene, the easy installation process with threaded stud bolts and long nuts, is a sigh of relief.
  • Includes everything as stated on the package – both gasket and bolts. No unpleasant surprises there!
  • Boasts of a robust gasket that seals the exhaust effectively.
  • They don’t just deliver, they over-deliver – providing noticeable improvement in performance and muffling noise on scooters.


  • In an unexpected twist reminiscent of a soap opera, the gasket bade us farewell in about 48 hours.
  • The studs showed no respect for sustainability, going into ‘stripped mode’ within a measly week.
  • In a discriminatory act worthy of a royal commission, the product seemed unsuitable for the noble lineage of the 150cc sporting 8mm studs.
  • In this ‘Gy6 Exhaust Bolt and Gasket Review’, we found that the stud length exceeded the requirement for some bikes, acting more like Rapunzel’s hair rather than a useful component.
  • Contrary to the enthusiastic product description, the package turned up missing the gasket, flaunting just the ring and bolts.
  • Reminiscent of a wrong sized foot trying to fit into Cinderella’s glass slipper, the included ring proved too large and necessitated forceful installation.
  • The bolts provided were clearly not gym-goers, being too short to fit properly in certain installations.

Gy6 Exhaust Bolt and Gasket Review: A Compact Solution for your Exhaust System Needs

Imagine yourself owning a GY6 50cc, 125cc, or 150cc Taotao, Sunl, Coolster, Jonway, Roketa, Scooters, Go Karts, Moped or a Quad 4 Wheeler. Now, wouldn’t a superior quality, reliable accessory specifically designed for your vehicle’s exhaust system be a delight? Voila! The Gy6 Exhaust Bolt and Gasket does exactly that and more. This gem of an accessory ensures an efficient and secure seal for your exhaust system, thanks to its included set of premium exhaust bolts and gaskets.

It’s not us making tall claims. Customers weighed in with their reviews, expressing satisfaction with its remarkable quality and compatibility with diverse models. The Gy6 Exhaust Bolt and Gasket has garnered applause for its capability in sealing obstreperously loud exhausts, offering a quieter, smoother ride. You’d be surprised to know that many customers added an extra star for the commendable customer service, which included unexpected extras, like additional bolt and gasket sets.

Yes, a few bumps & potholes did appear with some customers reporting gasket deterioration and stripped studs. But remember, even the moon isn’t aureate all the time. It’s noteworthy that these critiques were few and far between while the majority rode home happily with the Gy6 Exhaust Bolt and Gasket ticking all the right boxes for their exhaust system needs.

Gy6 Exhaust Bolt and Gasket Review: Outstanding Performance at Unbeatable Price

The Gy6 Exhaust Bolt and Gasket have received a plethora of glowing reports from satisfied customers, winning hearts with its exceptional quality and reliable performance. A notable reviewer hailed it as a perfect match for Chinese ATV applications, revealing the product’s adaptability to different equipment.

Several elated customers compared its functionality with its reasonable price, dubbing it a real value-for-money product. In particular, a scooter owner found relief in the product’s ability to silence his noisy exhaust, offering him a quieter ride.

Despite initial challenges like a broken bolt during installation, customers’ satisfaction remained unwavered as they fell in love with the gasket’s stellar performance. Its prompt delivery coupled with its effectiveness in delivering the promises, garnered further appreciation.

Another thrilled customer remarked the smooth threading process of the stud bolts and long nuts, emphasizing their perfect fit into the CY6 head while the gasket ensured a snug fixture. The product even won over a 2018 TaoTao Hellcat owner who discovered it improved the seal and overall ride performance, clearly demonstrating this gasket and bolt’s universal appeal.

One customer strongly recommended using LocTite red along with these bolts, revealing a clever trick to keep them from falling out, which served as an upgrade from his previous factory-made ones. As an additional steal, some customers were pleasantly surprised to receive, not one but, two sets of the product at the price of just one.

In conclusion, the Gy6 Exhaust Bolt and Gasket seem to have hit the right notes with its customers, ensuring satisfaction not only in performance but also in price, making it a highly recommended product in the market.

Assessing the Diverse Views on the Gy6 Exhaust Bolt and Gasket

In the spirit of fairness, it’s essential to address both the glowing remarks and more unfavorable reviews of the Gy6 Exhaust Bolt and Gasket. After all, understanding the full spectrum of responses to a product is key to making an informed purchasing decision. We’ll start with some of the darker shades in the rainbow of reviews.

One of the harshest critics outlines a disappointing experience where the gasket crumbled to pieces just two days after installation. More disappointingly, the studs quickly followed suit, stripping out within a week. This account raises questions about the product’s durability and the quality of the materials used.

A different reviewer had an equally frustrating encounter. Their gripe centers on encountering a bolt that gave way under pressure, snapping off when tightened. This is not a good sign for those hoping for a sturdy and long-lasting exhaust bolt and gasket.

There’s also a caveat to consider: these exhaust bolts and gaskets are tailor-made for 6mm studs and might not be compatible with 150cc engines equipped with 8mm studs – a crucial detail that one dissatisfied customer pointed out.

Lastly, a few murmurs of disappointment came from customers who found the package’s content lacking. According to one account, the package didn’t include a gasket as advertised, but only a ring and bolts. To make matters worse, the ring was too large, which made it quite challenging to adjust properly, and the bolts were too short for the reviewer’s scooter.

In conclusion, these reviews paint a rather grim picture about the ‘Gy6 Exhaust Bolt and Gasket.’ It is vital to weigh these experiences against the positive testimonials when deciding whether to make a purchase.

GY6 Exhaust Bolt and Gasket: An In-Depth Review

Let’s dive into the heart of the matter; the GY6 Exhaust Bolt and Gasket. Designed for a specific range of vehicles, namely GY6 50cc, 125cc, and 150cc Taotao Sunl Coolster Jonway Roketa Scooters, Go Karts, Moped Quad 4 Wheelers, this set provides an all-in-one solution for properly sealing the exhaust system of your vehicle.

Quality and durability are two terms that consistently crop up in user reviews. This product has not just met, but exceeded expectations in Chinese ATVs, effectively soothing thunderous exhausts to a smooth hum. A standout mention is its excellent fit for a 2018 Taotao Hellcat, bolstering overall bike performance post application.

But hold your horsepower! This product isn’t one-size-fits-all. Some users have experienced troubles such as early gasket breakdown and stud stripping. Additionally, a mismatch between the advertised and included gasket and inadequately short bolts for certain bikes have been reported.

It’s crucial to cross verify your vehicle’s requirements with the product specifications before purchase. In particularly, stud size compatibility deserves a second look, especially for models with 8mm studs. Remember, it’s always better to measure thrice and drill once!


In conclusion, the Gy6 Exhaust Bolt and Gasket is a blend of winds and shadows, surprises and letdowns. It earns high praise for its meticulous design and functionality, particularly with Chinese ATVs, making it an excellent value for money. Its ease of installation, perfect fitting, timely delivery, and performance boosters have been applauded. However, it is not without its flaws.

Bereft of longevity, the gasket and studs took an unscheduled leave, causing disappointment. Additionally, the product fell out of favor with the 150cc sporters with 8mm studs and had issues with the exaggerated stud length and the absence of the gasket in the package. Further issues with poorly-sized ring and short bolts also sparked criticism. Hence, while the Gy6 Exhaust Bolt and Gasket shines in several aspects, its complications are difficult to ignore. Users with specific needs should delve deeper before choosing this product.

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