7 Pros & Cons of The Frokom Motorcycle Mirrors

“A dynamic blend of durability and clarity marred by longevity issues; a striking, functional motorcycle asset with minor faults to consider.”

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  • Universal compatibility scores a homerun in the Frokom Motorcycle Mirrors Review, giving it a distinct edge as it fits smoothly onto a plethora of ATVs.
  • The updated rubber sleeve amplifies stability, packing a punch against leisure rides and extreme vibrations alike.
  • Sporting clear and non-distorted reflections, these mirrors epitomize the blend of safety and clarity, rendering top-notch rear visibility at all times.
  • The mirrors possess the agility of a gymnast, flaunting a 360° ball pivot that manifests adjustable and versatile positioning.
  • Handcrafted using high-strength ABS housing, the weighty durability and weather-resistant prowess of the mirrors is a testament to their premium quality. It boasts a sturdy metal reinforcement that is capable of withstanding the tantrums of Mother Nature.


  • One could not help but notice in our Frokom Motorcycle Mirrors Review, the mirrors exhibited a regrettable incident where the part they screw into gave up the ghost after its maiden use. This does raise an eyebrow in terms of the product’s construction and longevity.
  • An unfortunate number of installers have found themselves in the undesirable position of inspecting two halves of broken brackets, thus transforming potentially useful mirrors into stylish yet non-functional motorcycle ornaments. A major inconvenience, you’ll agree.

A Comprehensive Frokom Motorcycle Mirrors Review

Picture this. You’re on the open road, whipping around corners and tearing through the countryside. What’s that constant in your field of view? If you’ve got Frokom Motorcycle Mirrors installed, you might just be looking at one of the finest motorcycle mirror solutions available. Pervasive in their compatibility, these mirrors can pretty much cozy up to any ATV or motorcycle – talk about playing well with others!

Boasting a revolutionary 360° ball pivot, Frokom motorcycle mirrors put riders in the driver’s seat when it comes to adjustments. Like a yoga master, they stretch and bend in ways you wouldn’t believe. Height, field of view, you name it – it’s all under your control. Bottom line, if you like to fiddle around and achieve that “just-right” rear visibility, these are the mirrors for you.

Let’s put a spotlight on a particular feature that makes Frokom mirrors stand tall – their enhanced stability. Thanks to an upgraded rubber sleeve, these mirrors eat vibrations for breakfast while safeguarding the mirror interface from elements like rain, mud, and snow. Who knew a mirror could double as a guardian of rust prevention and durability?

And in the department of visibility? It consistently offers a clear, unvarnished view. This beast helps you maintain a safe distance from the one who unnecessarily honks in traffic or tries to overtake you in a narrow lane, ensuring your path is always clear.

With their rugged ABS housing and sturdy metal internals, Frokom Motorcycle mirrors are like the unsinkable Molly Brown of the motorcycle world – rugged, shockproof, and corrosion-resistant. They’re the dependable partner who sticks around despite the rough and tumble of life on the road.

So, for those riders who put a premium on safety, visibility, stability, adjustability and, of course, durability, this Frokom Motorcycle Mirrors review points the way to your next investment for the long haul.

A Comprehensive Frokom Motorcycle Mirrors Review: Flexibility at its Peak

Marrying exceptional versatility with universal compatibility, Frokom Motorcycle Mirrors come engineered to cater to diverse vehicle types. It doesn’t matter if you are a dirt bike rider, an ATV enthusiast, a scooter commuter, or even a venturesome cyclist; these mirrors have got your back.

The handiness of these mirrors lies in their smart design that includes three different types of fittings. Precisely, you get 8mm and 10mm adapter nuts capable of dovetailing with most mirror mounts available in the market. As a bonus offering, these mirrors also come with a 7/8″ handlebar mount that is a perfect fit for all ATVs donning 7/8″ handlebars. This sheer flexibility eliminates any installation hassles, forging a smooth way in.

With Frokom Motorcycle Mirrors on your side, the tedious quest for a vehicle-exclusive mirror comes to a gratifying end. As multifaceted as you need them to be, these mirrors serve as a one-size-fits-all solution, saving you from unnecessary expenditure of time and money. Opt for Frokom Motorcycle Mirrors, and embrace a hassle-free riding experience!

Experience Unwavering Stability with Frokom Motorcycle Mirrors

Are you a rider who values a rock-solid, reliable mirror system? Your answer lies within the design of Frokom Motorcycle Mirrors. They’re meticulously crafted, incorporating upgraded rubber sleeves to suppress vibrations while riding. This intricate design guarantees a smoother, uninterrupted glance of what’s happening behind you during your ride.

With this level of stability, you ride not only with assurance but also with an indomitable sense of confidence. Whether you glance through your mirror at high speeds or while navigating off-road terrains, Frokom motorcycle mirrors help ensure accurate positioning. This is truly an ally for those who dare to ride on the wild side.

The magic doesn’t stop there. An additional layer of the rubber sleeve serves as a solid armour, playing sentinel between the mirror and its mounting. Think of it as a saviour against potential hazards like rain, mud, and snow. This protective nature often overlooked, adds longevity and prevents embarrassing BOOBs (Bits Of Obsolete Bike). Unequivocally, the Frokom Motorcycle Mirrors Review promises a resilient and long-lasting timepiece in the face of varying weather conditions.

A Comprehensive Frokom Motorcycle Mirrors Review: Enhancing Your Ride

Picture this: You’re on the open road. As the wind breezes through your hair, your ride is constantly improving due to your trust in the Frokom Motorcycle Mirrors. These mirrors not only deliver a crystal-clear, unblemished image, but also cover a large area at the rear, immersing you in the comfort of a risk-free journey. Whether it’s keeping tabs on the trailer hitched to your bike, maintaining vigilance on country roads, or simply monitoring trailing traffic, these mirrors guarantee an outstanding and incomparable field of vision.

Diversity and convenience are the cornerstones of the Frokom mirrors. Thanks to their 360° adjustable ball pivot, you can easily tweak the mirror’s height and angle to your liking. This customizable feature ensures optimal viewing and adapts to you rather than making you adjust to it. With such autonomy in your hands, you can set up the mirror for the clearest and widest view possible, reinforcing your confidence on the road.

And it doesn’t stop there. Frokom pushes the envelope further by incorporating an upgraded rubber sleeve. This addition effectively controls those pesky ride-induced vibrations, stabilizing your mirror view. Irrespective of the ruggedness of your trail, your rear view stays constant and unerring. Moreover, the reliable construction conjugated with weather-resistant materials assures longevity and resilience to diverse weather conditions. In essence, we’re looking at long-term perfect performance, come rain or shine.


In the grand scheme of things, the Frokom Motorcycle Mirrors present an intriguing blend of impressive universal compatibility and high-strength durability, alongside features such as an agile 360° pivot and clear, non-distorted reflections. These facets, coupled with its stability even in the face of extreme vibrations, make a strong case for its high-quality construction and excellent rear visibility.

However, they are not without there shortcomings. Notable issues regarding the construction longevity dance a regrettable tune, as observed in instances of parts giving up the ghost and broken brackets post initial installation. These pitfalls, while minor, may transform an otherwise functional mirror into a non-functional albeit stylish motorcycle ornament. Thus, while the Frokom mirrors pack quite a punch, these considerations should be taken into account before parting ways with your hard-earned cash.

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