15 Pros & Cons of The FREEDARE Pro Scooter

“An attractively designed, lightweight stunt scooter with fast customer service, yet marred by durability concerns and potential manufacturing defects.”

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Tickling the Pros

  • Built like a tank, the FREEDARE Pro Scooter can withstand day-to-day abuse like a champ
  • As easy as pie to assemble, involving just a few screws and voila – your scooter is ready to roll
  • Light as a feather, this scooter allows you to carry out tricks and freestyle stunts with ease
  • Forget hollowcore materials, the wheel cores on this scooter are solid plastic – the promise of longevity
  • Lean and mean, it delivers a suave, speedy, and silky-smooth ride courtesy of first-rate bearings
  • Design finesse – remarkably reduces weight without compromising an iota on quality
  • Roomy deck that’s perfect for executing tricks? Check. Your tricks got a stylish new stage to shine!
  • Extra brownie points for the fortress-like welded connection between the deck and fork – significantly ups the impact game
  • Can bear a staggering weight of up to 220 lbs, making the FREEDARE Pro Scooter Review a worthy read for heavy riders too
  • Airplane-worthy aluminum deck that comes equipped with a solid steel rear brake mechanism, adding to the scooter’s laudable durability
  • A responsive, reliable, and rapid customer service team that promises solutions in less than 24 hours – a true cherry on the top!


  • The bolt on the front wheel of our FREEDARE Pro Scooter Review model decided it had had enough of being a team player and declared its independence by falling off and vanishing into thin air. This is a point of concern for the overall durability of the scooter.
  • The scooter’s handlebars sadly lost their battle with the forces of gravity in a mere week of use, demonstrating a certain lack of sturdiness and raising questions on their dependability.
  • It didn’t take more than a few rides for the scooter to show wear and tear, far beyond the expected. It’s like it threw a grand party while we weren’t looking, raising questions about its build quality and durability.
  • The back tire seemed excited about early retirement, giving out after just a week’s service. This unfortunate experience suggests some latent manufacturing defects, or weaknesses lurking within the scooter’s components.

Deep Dive: FREEDARE Pro Scooter Review

The FREEDARE Pro Scooter might just be the shining star you’re looking for in the world of beginner scooters. What makes it special? Well, let’s get technical. With a bar height of 810mm off the ground, it’s positioned perfectly for an optimal ride. The advised height for a scooter stands between your hip and the belly button – and this one hits the sweet spot.

Comfortably adaptable, its scooter bar of φ32mm*W520mm*H580mm offers the flexibility of choice for every rider out there. One rule to remember: for technical tricks like barspins, go with a narrow bar. For those daredevils preferring no-hands tricks, a wider bar is your friend. Trust us, it’s a thing.

Talking about things, the FREEDARE Pro Scooter’s wheels are like the twinkling lights you didn’t know your scooter needed. These 100mm*24mm wheels feature durable plastic cores, sturdier than your average hollow-cores. Wheeling around on smooth bearings, you can expect a slick, quick, and whisper-quiet ride. Plus, the scooter’s weight of merely 3.2kg ensures the right blend of heft and ease. Newbies and freestyle fans can rejoice.

Jump onto a featherweight, trick-perfect deck measuring W100mm*L582mm*H180mm, with griptape that’s a breeze to replace. An exemplar of robust design, the welded fork-to-deck connection can withstand an impact of upto 1800 lbs. Catering to a diverse population of riders, the scooter supports a maximum weight of 220 lbs.

Made with aircraft-grade 6061-T6 heat-treated aluminum deck and a Mn steel rear brake mechanism, you get a pro scooter that’s built to last. Keep in mind, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill scooter. Like keeping a pet dragon, it requires upkeep. Avoid water, sand, humidity, and any unfortunate impacts. Regularly check on those bolts and screws. If you find yourself in need, the ever-reliable FREEDARE service team is just a message away, with a response guarantee within 24 hours. Ready for the ride yet?

FREEDARE Pro Scooter Review: A Novice’s Perfect Match

Chiefly designed for newbies and those at the entry-level stage, the FREEDARE Pro Scooter is a synthesis of thoughtful engineering and performance-focused features. This particular model offers an impressive set of specifications, providing an ideal platform for learning and perfecting scooter stunts.

The scooter features a significant design consideration – the height. Rising 810mm from the ground to the bar, it optimally fits between the hip and the navel of the rider, establishing an excellent riding posture. Seated in the realm of everyday comfort, the FREEDARE Pro Scooter ensures that the rider can comfortably maneuver the scooter while practising new tricks.

Additionally, the scooter’s bar presents an exciting mix of flexibility and function. With a diameter of φ32mm, a width of 520mm, and a height of 580mm, the width of the bar can be altered to suit the individual rider’s choice. From narrow bars that assist in the execution of technical tricks like barspins to broader ones for no-hands tricks, the FREEDARE Pro Scooter has got it all covered.

The scooter’s wheels, on the other hand, showcase smart engineering too. Equipped with 100mm wheels with a 24mm width, the design features a solid plastic core for durable performance as compared to its hollow-core competitors. Smooth and silent rides, along with increased speed and less weight, are possible, thanks to the premium bearings.

Engineered to balance maneuverability and durability perfectly, the deck of the scooter measuring W100mm x L582mm x H180mm contains a one-piece welded structure between the fork and deck. This ensures robust and shock-resistant performance, even under tricky skate park conditions. The deck can accommodate a maximum load of 220 lbs, reinforcing its reliability and safety for diverse users.

However, like any other mechanical device, the FREEDARE Pro Scooter demands regular upkeep and maintenance to prevent damage. Make sure to tighten the bolts and screws regularly and stay away from water, sand, and humid conditions. And if you encounter any issues, fret not! The FREEDARE service team ensures a swift response within 24-hours and offers appropriate solutions.

Deconstructing the FREEDARE Pro Scooter: A Comprehensive Review on Size and Specifications

Selecting a scooter is akin to choosing a wand in the magical world of Harry Potter, it’s all about a personal fit. Allow us to guide you as you make an informed choice with our FREEDARE Pro Scooter Review, outlining how each facet of this illustrious scooter model caters to varying rider needs.

The imposing height, from ground to bar level, of the FREEDARE Pro is 810mm. The golden rule of scooter ergonomics goes like this: Measure the distance from terra firma to the prospective rider’s hip and navel and choose a height that fits snugly in that window. That’s the recipe for optimum comfort and control.

Our FREEDARE Pro Scooter boasts a scooter bar with a diameter of 32mm, a width of 520mm, and a towering height of 580mm. A word to the wise, always seek a bar width that mirrors your shoulders. This symmetry is elemental in ensuring a snug grip and easy manoeuvrability. Your bar choice can be as lean as a bean for intricate tricks like barspins or as wide as the horizon for no hands tricks. Remember – stunt scooters generally sit lower than their standard counterparts for effective control and balance, particularly crucial for our pro riders out there.

If wheels were the heart of a scooter, then our FREEDARE Pro Scooter wheels have quite the beat measuring 100mm in diameter and 24mm in width. The unsung heroes though are the solid plastic wheel cores, a testament to the durability and longevity of this ride. They work hand in hand with top-notch bearings that contribute to a smooth, noise-free urban glide suitable for park and street warriors alike. It’s a harmonious blend of weight management and uncompromised performance.

Weighing in at a lean 3.2kg, our FREEDARE Pro Scooter masterfully juggles lightness with robust construction, making things comfortable for beginners and entry-level freestyle riders. And let’s not forget the deck, with a width of 100mm, length of 582mm, and height of 180mm. Stable yet manageable, FREEDARE’s Pro Scooter enables riders to effortlessly execute tricks, all thanks to its light decks that make a perfect dance floor for your feet. Furthermore, the one-piece welded connection between the fork and deck assures solid and enduring construction, able to withstand impacts up to 1800 lbs, while supporting a maximum rider weight up to 220 lbs.

Armed with such comprehensive knowledge on size, handlebar width, wheel specifications, weight, and deck measurements, you can confidently select the FREEDARE Pro Scooter that fits like a glove to your unique riding style and preferences.

A Close Look at FREEDARE Pro Scooter’s Durability and Maintenance

Designed to withstand frequent use, the FREEDARE Pro Scooter sets a high bar for durability. Its sturdiness has earned widespread appreciation; especially from parents of avid young riders. Reflecting on her 12-year-old’s extensive use of the scooter, one parent was pleasantly astonished by its robustness.

A standout feature of this scooter is its one-piece welded connection between the fork and the deck. This design element boosts the scooter’s impact capacity to an impressive 1800 lbs – perfect for daredevil moves at the skate park. But owning a FREEDARE Pro Scooter doesn’t mean you have to ride hard or go home – it’s equally suitable for riders who simply enjoy a sturdy, reliable ride.

Like any prized possession, caring for your FREEDARE Pro Scooter ensures a longer lifespan. Keep it away from water, sand and high humidity, and avoid unnecessary rough handling. Make it a routine to tighten all bolts and screws regularly. Should any maintenance issues arise, the dedicated FREEDARE service team is quick to help, responding within 24 hours. So go on, treat your scooter well – and it will return the favor in smooth, solid rides.


In conclusion, the FREEDARE Pro Scooter certainly offers a fair share of attractive features such as its durability, ease of assembly, lightness, and quality design. It boasts of a spacious deck which is appealing to tricksters and a formidable connection between deck and fork indicating a strong impact game. With a customer service that responds in lightning-fast time, it is definitely worth considering.

However, there have been concerns including bolt and handlebar detachment which may throw a dampener on the scooter’s overall durability. The scooter also shows signs of wear and tear rapidly, leaving question marks on its build quality. Furthermore, the early retirement of the back tire might suggest underlying manufacturing defects. Considering these points, while the FREEDARE Pro Scooter may be easy on the eye and light in hand, potential purchasers may wish to keep an eye out for issues surrounding parts stability and durability.

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