14 Pros & Cons of The EPIKGO Electric Bike

While the EPIKGO Electric Bike boasts tantalising features such as a high-grade gear shifter, impressive battery life, and sturdy build, potential buyers should tread carefully due to reported charging issues, abrupt pedal detachments, tire durability concerns, and subpar customer service.

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  • Take Control with EPIKGO Electric Bike Review: The EPIKGO Electric Bike doesn’t just provide you with wheels and a motor, it caters for the full spectrum of biking desires. You’re given a high-grade 3×7 Speed Gear Shifter and an integrated Pedal Assist System (P.A.S). So whether you’re in the mood for a leisurely cycle or intense workout, you have the power in your grasp. It’s like being your own biking DJ, mixing the perfect tempo for your journey.
  • Battery Life that Binge-Watches with You: Fitted with an industrious 8Ah/36V lithium-ion battery, this electric bike will keep going almost as long as your favourite series. Just a single charge guarantees you a smooth ride up to 20 miles, perfect for those “just one more episode” moments when you mean “just one more mile”.
  • Speedy, Sturdy, Supreme: Crafted with a game-changing Triple Triangle Frame using authentic carbon steel, the EPIKGO Electric Bike refines the essence of biking stability, reliability, and performance. Capable of reaching a whooshing 20mph, it can tackle everything from the muddy trails of your mountain adventure to the hustle and bustle of your city commute and picnics in the park. Call it the Swiss army knife of bikes.
  • Mega-Motor Magic: Featuring a potent 250W motor, this electric bike gives you the grunt you need for a real thrill. With guts to easily climb hills up to 20°, imagine this – you, the open road, the gradient increasing, and not a care in the world. That’s EPIKGO electric fun.
  • Breezy Assembly: Your EPIKGO Electric Bike arrives 85% pre-assembled. We’re sure you’re eager to hit the roads and with the easy-to-follow guide provided in the user manual, you’ll be pedalling away even before your cup of coffee gets cold. Do note, fitting the Cable Management Clip isn’t mandatory, but if you’re a stickler for orderliness, be our guest.


  • Charging the battery requires the EPIKGO Electric Bike to be in an ‘active’ state, creating a not-so-epic inconvenience for users seeking no fuss electric mobility.
  • The bike seems to have a knack for spontaneous pedal ‘detachments’, posing a safety query worth raising an eyebrow at.
  • The tires appear to have the resilience of a soap bubble crossing a cactus field. Even elementary curbs seem to be their downfall, raising durability questions.
  • Scratches, scuffs, and signs of prior use have made unwanted appearances on freshly unpacked bikes, hinting at negligible quality checks.
  • A chorus of annoying clicks accompanies the pedaling process, suggesting issues with the bike’s mechanical integrity.
  • Charging issues plague the battery, with some users left high and dry even after repeated attempts at energizing their ride.
  • Unpleasant surprises await some as they discover open-box or visibly used bikes delivered to their doorstep, showing lapses in packaging and shipping.
  • Reports of back brake failures stand as chilling reminders of potential safety risks, adding a dangerous edge to thrilling rides.
  • Contacting customer service often feels akin to fishing in the desert, as users struggle to secure any sort of bike-related assistance.

EPIKGO Electric Bike Review: Revolutionizing Your Riding Experience

Step aside, traditional cycling! The EPIKGO Electric Bike is here to redefine your biking adventures with its advanced Pedal Assist System (P.A.S.). This system coupled with a high-end 3×7 Speed Gear Shifter ensures riders can precisely adjust their experience to suit their current mood, intensity, or environment. Effortlessly switch gears while on the go, making your rides adaptable, satisfying, and flexible.

When it comes to its power source, the EPIKGO Electric Bike shines with its effective and long-lasting battery system. Boasting an 8Ah/36V lithium-ion battery, it guarantees a staggering 20 miles per charge. Say hello to long rides and adventurous explorations! It doesn’t matter if you’re leisurely pedaling through suburban streets or tackling challenging tracks; this powerhouse ensures you have the vigor to sustain your journey.

With a design centered around a Triple Triangle Frame formed out of sturdy carbon steel, this e-bike takes balance and support to a new level. It’s not just an electric bike; it’s a speedster, capable of reaching speeds up to 20 mph. From muddy trails to metropolitan avenues to serene parks, ride swiftly, and securely with the bike’s robust 250W motor supplying just the right punch of power.

Terrified about installation? Don’t fret! The EPIKGO Electric Bike comes mostly pre-assembled, making the process straight-forward and less time-consuming. The user manual will guide you through the process, and you’ll be off enjoying your new ride in no time. Just remember, the Cable Management Clip is optional. It’s all about giving riders what they need: customization, flexibility, and enjoyment.

Your Next Ride: An EPIKGO Electric Bike Review

Stepping into the world of electric bikes, the EPIKGO Electric Bike introduces an enticing blend of versatility and high-quality craftsmanship. Combining a built-in Pedal Assist System (P.A.S.) and a 3×7 Speed Gear Shifter, this bike elevates your riding experience to a whole new level.

Whether you fancy a serene ride sweetened by bird songs or crave a calorie-burning sprint, the EPIKGO caters to your every whim effortlessly. The Pedal Assist System intuitively synchronizes with your ride’s intensity and your skill level. If you seek a change mid-ride, the 3×7 Speed Gear Shifter responds on the fly, adjusting swiftly to your shifting whims, ensuring a comfortable and seamless journey.

From navigating through the squishy terrains of misty mountain trails to threading your way through the bustling city boulevards, or simply relishing a leisurely ride along the tranquil park trails, the EPIKGO Electric Bike is ready for it all. Its robust 3×7 Speed Gear Shifter adapts to varied riding conditions smoothly, providing you a flexible, yet steady ride under all circumstances.

Exemplary Endurance: EPIKGO Electric Bike Review

Picture the EPIKGO Electric Bike as your trusty, automotive Swizzle-Stick, juiced up and raring to stir a whirl of adventures in your day. What sets it apart is the bike’s impressive battery system. The 8Ah/36V lithium-ion battery charges your experiences to last for a marathon stretch of around 20 miles in a single charge. From commuting, city explorations to outdoorsy escapades, it’s got you covered. The power won’t flicker off leaving you at the mercy of a deserted road stretch.

This isn’t just hype. In the flourishing e-bike market, EPIKGO’s battery life is pure gold standard. Its world-class technology results in a reliable, consistent power provision. It ensures your rides are smooth, and not akin to an interrupted buffering session. You’re free to tackle hilly terrains, rocky roads and lengthy trips without anxiously glancing at the battery indicator.

The EPIKGO Electric Bike’s uber-long battery life serves as its unique selling point. For those seeking a ride that’s as endless as a twisty, intriguing conversation, your search may just have found its destination.

Exploring the Power and Design in the EPIKGO Electric Bike Review

Setting the EPIKGO Electric Bike apart from its competitors in the market are its high-performance motor and a game-changing Triple Triangle Frame design. The bike exudes raw power and torque courtesy of its stalwart 250W motor, guaranteeing an electrifying and vigorous ride. Be it accelerating, tackling hills with inclines maxing out at 20°, or simply coasting along, the motor’s power is more than up to the challenge.

Constructed from genuine carbon steel, the EPIKGO Electric Bike’s Triple Triangle Frame design promises exemplary balance, support, and performance during your ride. This inventive frame structure enhances stability, agility, and overall control, making it an optimal choice for riders prioritising high-performance in their electric bike.

Regardless of your chosen biking adventures – challenging muddy mountain trails, weaving through bustling city streets, or taking a peaceful jaunt through local parks – the robust Triple Triangle Frame guarantees the durability and strength you’ve been searching for.


In concluding, the EPIKGO Electric Bike is, indeed, an intriguing mix of triumphs and cautions. On the plus side, this ‘all-terrain vehicle’ impresses with its high-grade gear shifter, an integrated Pedal Assist System, commendable battery life, and a sturdy build. Considering it accelerates up to 20mph and comes 85% pre-assembled, it certainly seems too good to resist a ride.

However, it’s not without its shares of hiccups. From charging quandaries to unanticipated pedal detachments and durability concerns regarding its tires to less-than-stellar customer service experience lend a shadow to its shining features. Particularly alarming are issues resulting in potential safety risks. Therefore, despite its many enticing features and capabilities, the bike’s pitfalls call for a cautious approach from potential buyers. In the end, it is clear that while EPIKGO Electric Bike has the potential to be a cycling enthusiast’s dream, it comes with a cautionary asterisk or two.

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