18 Pros & Cons of The ENGWE Electric Scooter

Despite its strong first impression, advanced features, and formidable customer service, the ENGWE Electric Scooter might offer a rollercoaster of expectations due to challenges in folding, lesser range than claimed, questionable reliability, and difficulty procuring replacement parts.

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Unveiling the Winning Attributes

  • Built to last, the ENGWE Electric Scooter is crafted from a high-strength aluminum frame making it lightweight yet incredibly robust.
  • No more aching bottoms! Our ENGWE Electric Scooter Review revealed a meticulously comfortable soft seat for those long commutes.
  • The wide, 9.4-inch deck increases stability, promoting control and confidence on the go.
  • One scooter – many riders! A maximum capacity of 264 lbs makes it suitable for most people out there.
  • Feel the thrill with a powerful 500W (Peak 700W) brushless motor, letting you race at a top speed of 28 MPH.
  • Explore more with less. The 48V 15.6AH battery offers a generous max range of 37 miles.
  • Customize your ride with 3-speed modes, adding a personalized zest to every journey.
  • Enjoy smooth voyages courtesy of multiple shock absorptions at the front, rear, and under the seat.
  • Take to the roads with confidence with 10″ thickened vacuum tires assuring excellent grip and superior wear resistance.
  • The LCD digital display is a high-tech companion, showing speed, battery life, mileage, and more!
  • Stay visible and safe with 8 distinct light sources, including headlights, brake lights, and indicators.
  • From scoot to transport mode in no time! It’s easily foldable for stress-free storage and transportation.
  • This scooter may be mighty, but it weighs a mere 55 pounds – perfect to carry onto public transport.
  • Expect incredible customer service, with pre-assembled delivery and speedy US warehouse shipping.


  • Firstly, the bulkiness and stiffness of the scooter present a logistical nightmare when it comes to storage and transportation. Folding it up feels like a wrestling match you did not sign up for.
  • In our ENGWE Electric Scooter Review, we discovered a nonconformity between the manufacturer’s claimed electric range and our test results. Even at full throttle, we barely scraped 10 miles. Hardly impressive, isn’t it?
  • The scooter’s reliability is also questionable. Ours pulled a Humpty Dumpty and fell apart almost instantly, igniting a quest for elusive replacement parts. They’re about as easy to come across as a unicorn in downtown New York.
  • Lastly, we noticed a discrepancy between the product description and its actual functionality – about as accurate as using Google Translate for your French homework. In addition, the battery drains faster than a martini at happy hour – proving a tad disheartening.

Unveiling the ENGWE Electric Scooter: A Review Worth Your Attention

Among the myriad of adult electric scooters in the market, the ENGWE Electric Scooter tends to stand out with its gamut of exciting features. The magical mixture of a high-strength aluminum frame for durability, a plush seat for comfort and a spacious 9.4-inch deck make this beauty lightweight without compromising on sturdiness. Able to withstand weights up to 264 lbs, it’s a ride fit for all.

Equipped with a dynamic 500W brushless motor (hitting a peak of 700W), and a 48V 15.6AH battery, it’s safe to say that this isn’t your average scooter. With the ability to touch speeds up to 28 mph and cover a range of 37 miles, this ENGWE model isn’t just about commuting—it’s also an invitation to adventure. The three speed modes contribute to a personalized experience, offering riders control over the adrenaline rush they crave for.

Your comfort doesn’t take a back seat here with multiple shock absorptions, courtesy of the front and rear suspension topped off by a seat shock. The chunky 10″ vacuum tires ensure great grip, durability, and elasticity. The scooter’s braking system excels in providing safe rides, and the LCD digital display keeps you informed with necessary feedback.

What makes our ENGWE Electric Scooter Review all the more flattering is the inventive foldable design of the machine. Fold it at the handlebars, the front bar, or the seat tube, achieving an easily portable size of 43.5″ x 9.4″ x 21″ and weighing a modest 55 pounds. Perfect for your daily commute, be it on public transport or your private vehicle

The cherry on top? Stellar customer service, local US warehouse shipping for prompt delivery, and a breeze-like assembly process. To sum it up, be it city rides or off-road escapades, the ENGWE Electric Scooter stands as a commendable companion.

Unfolding the Features of the ENGWE Electric Scooter: A Review

Ready to redefine mobility with enhanced range and comfort? Look no further than the ENGWE Electric Scooter, fashioned exclusively for the grown-up adventurers.

The strapping and easily maneuverable aluminum frame ensures this electric brute is long-lasting, yet light enough to not hold you back. The cushy seat adds comfort to your journey, making it a breeze even on the rough terrains.

Outfitted with a sturdy 9.4-inch deck and a brawny 264 lbs load capacity, this scooter is best suited for a diverse range of riders. At the heart of this beast reclines a powerful 500W (Peak 700W) brushless motor teamed with a sustainable 48V 15.6AH battery. This electrifying pair results in a maximum speed of 28 MPH (45 KM/H) while promising a considerable distance of up to 37 miles on a single charge. Interestingly, you have the choice to customize your ride from three different speed modes to match the thrill you seek.

Amidst your exhilarating excursions, the multiple shock absorptives on the front, rear, and the seat cushion the journey impressively, thereby increasing stability. The resilient 10-inch vacuum tires manifest excellent grip and spectacular elasticity that outlive many rides. To ensure your safety, the scooter incorporates an efficient, touch-sensitive braking system.

The ENGWE Electric Scooter Review wouldn’t be complete without a word on its contemporary LCD digital display that notifies about speed, fuel status, mileage, lighting, and more. To boost confidence and ensure visibility at night, the scooter is equipped with a total of 8 lights comprising of a headlight, brake light, 4 turn signals, and amusing luminous lights.

This folding electric scooter scores high on portability, folding at the seat tube, handlebars, and the front bar to achieve a compact form factor of 43.5 inches * 9.4 inches * 21 inches. Weighing approximately 55 pounds, it is facile to lug around on public transport or stash in your car for spontaneous adventures.

Beyond being a powerful mobility solution, the free user guide shipped with the ENGWE electric scooter ensures effortless assembly and an easy understanding of usability. Enjoy fast delivery within 3-7 days from the US warehouse, and the perk of professional customer support just a query away.

ENGWE Electric Scooter Review: Lauding Performance and Speed

Set for a ride that offers more than just getting from point A to B? The ENGWE Electric Scooter is a testament to exceptional performance and speed, guaranteeing a thrilling ride. Nestled under its chassis is a potent 500W brushless motor peaking at 700W, matched with a relentless 48V 15.6AH battery. Fasten your helmets, this beast can touch the maximum speed of 28 MPH (45KM/H), boasting a stunning range of 37 miles. Run errands, catch the sunrise, or simply joyride, it’s designed to keep up with your pace.

With its three-speed modes—first gear (0-15km/h), second gear (16-30km/h), and third gear (30-45km/h)—you can customize every ride’s tempo. Whether you’re weaving through bustling city blocks or conquering undulating landscapes, prepare for a seamless blend of acceleration, speed, and thrill.

The ENGWE Electric Scooter’s strength doesn’t just lie in its speed and performance. Its unique build allows stability and control to join hands. Multiple shock absorption mechanisms at the front, rear, and even under the seat put the brakes on unwanted shocks, promising a smooth voyage. The 10″ vacuum tires—thick, grippy, elastic, and designed to tackle wear and tear—ensure your ride is a breeze, no matter the landscape.

Complementing its powerhouse performance are user-friendly add-ons. The LCD digital display serves up round-the-clock updates—speed, battery life, mileage, and lighting. Multiple light sources including headlights, brake light, and turn signals empower one to navigate even under low-light conditions, ensuring safety in the saddle.

The ENGWE Electric Scooter’s ultimate marriage of power and reliability makes it a clear contender for those seeking not just a ride, but a riding experience. Thus, it comes as no surprise that whether it’s a dynamic urban travel or an exhilarating off-road escapade, this scooter stands unmatched.

Embodying Portability and Convenience: ENGWE Electric Scooter Review

Engineered with versatility and compactness at its core, the ENGWE Electric Scooter sets the standard in portable electric transportation. Crafted from durable, high-strength aluminum, yet maintaining a lightweight build, this scooter is undemanding to carry and store.

Uniquely equipped with a cushioned seat, voyaging on this scooter transcends beyond transportation into a realm of comfort and convenience. Its ingenious folding design encapsulates this principle, incorporating a multipoint folding system that involves the seat tube, handlebars, and front bar. With this, its compact folded dimensions of 43.5 inches * 9.4 inches * 21 inches and modest weight of 55 pounds, make it an ideal companion for urban commuting or easy stowing in your vehicle.

Awash with technologically advanced features, the ENGWE Electric Scooter boasts an LCD digital display that divulges critical ride statistics such as speed, battery life, and mileage. The scooter’s lighting system encompasses 8 different light sources, from a pioneering headlight and brake light to 4 turn signals and a selection of vibrant, luminescent lights. This guarantees optimum visibility and safety even in low light, making night-time excursions a pleasure rather than a peril.


All things considered, the ENGWE Electric Scooter makes a strong first impression, boasting impressive specs like a high-strength aluminum frame, a generous maximum capacity, a powerful motor, and a multi-function LCD digital display. Ancillary features like multiple speed modes, comprehensive lighting system, and exceptional tires further amp up its appeal. Not to mention, a formidable customer service team driving the reliability factor home.

However, our review exposes some underwhelming realities – the struggle of folding the unit, its lackluster electric range compared to the manufacturer’s claim, and a questionable reliability profile. More disappointingly, procuring replacement parts proved to be a taxing endeavor, and the product’s description failed to match up to its functionality. This culminates in an electric scooter that despite its promising feature-set, may leave many potential owners feeling as if they’re riding a rollercoaster of expectations.

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