14 Pros & Cons of The EAhora AM100 Plus 27.5” Electric Mountain Bike

“The eAhora AM100 Plus 27.5” Electric Mountain Bike impresses with its robust features and capabilities, but lacks real-world testimonials, which leaves potential buyers and the final verdict hanging in the balance.”

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  • Energized with a hefty 500W motor, the eAhora AM100 Plus 27.5” Electric Mountain Bike ensures no hill is too steep, and no commute is too long.
  • Maintains a thrilling top speed of 28 mph for adrenaline-pumping rides across various terrains.
  • Boosted by a 14Ah battery with impressive longevity, guaranteeing a range between 35-55 miles when in the electric mode.
  • Deftly designed with a detachable battery, allowing for hassle-free charging at your convenience, whether at home or work.
  • Engineered with a dual suspension framework, featuring a front air suspension, ensuring your off-road adventures are as smooth as a highway cruise.
  • Equipped with rear hydraulic suspension to elevate ride quality on terrain as diverse as hilly inclines, rapid descents, and bumpy roads.
  • Incorporates hydraulic disc brakes for consistent, potent braking power, adding an extra layer of safety and control.
  • Continues to provide dependable braking power even under wet conditions, guaranteeing you’re always safe on your travels.
  • Offers three distinct working modes: ebike mode for those lightning-fast rides, assisted pedal mode for a balance of power and exercise, and regular bike mode for old-school pedaling.
  • Please note that our review relies heavily on the manufacturer’s specifications due to the limited availability of real-life data for the eAhora AM100 Plus 27.5” Electric Mountain Bike.


  • A dearth of real-life data: Taking into account the not-so-soaring popularity of the eAhora AM100 Plus 27.5” Electric Mountain Bike, there’s a lack of real-world data to firmly hinge this review on. Our insights here are reminiscent of those ghost stories we all heard as kids – based mostly on seductive tales from the manufacturer who might have a wee bit of bias in their storytelling.
  • A stranger from another town: Just like the quiet, mysterious cowboy who rides into a Wild West town, the eAhora AM100 Plus 27.5” Electric Mountain Bike has not fully made its acquaintance with the larger market. This can make it an uphill challenge to evaluate its full potential as the new trusty steed in our cycling staples.
  • The sound of silence in customer feedback: Given the hushed whispers regarding the bike’s sales, it’s akin to trying to understand a language from a scant number of phrases when attempting to gather a comprehensive grasp of the bike’s merits and demerits. This silence in customer feedback parlance might leave potential buyers feeling a touch lost while navigating their purchase decisions.
  • Possibility of bias in the manufacturer’s script: As we’ve hinted before, manufacturers are a bit like doting parents – they’re always going to say their baby is the prettiest. In other words, adjust your caution levels accordingly while perusing the manufacturer’s descriptions and consider casting your information net wider for a more balanced eAhora AM100 Plus 27.5” Electric Mountain Bike review.

Unveiling the eAhora AM100 Plus 27.5” Electric Mountain Bike: A Review In-Depth

Usually an underdog in the electronic biking arena, the eAhora AM100 Plus 27.5” Electric Mountain Bike boasts some rather impressive specifications. It’s always tricky to evaluate products that haven’t amassed widespread popularity, hence, base our observations largely on factory-provided information.

Under the metallic hood of this eBike, you’ll find a robust 500W, high-speed brushless motor. Now this isn’t just your day-to-day motor, but a beast waiting to thrum to life when you need to tackle those steep gradients. It reaches a top speed of 28 mph, thereby making it a versatile option for city commuting or venturous exploration of mountainous terrains.

A significant highlight of this eBike is its robust 48V 14AH battery. This isn’t just your typical battery, offering unparalleled climbing and acceleration prowess, it promises you a riding range between 35-55 miles in electric mode and elevates the stakes with 70-84 miles in pas mode on a single charge. The removable feature of the battery doesn’t only discourage would-be thieves, but also provides the added convenience of in-home or in-office charging.

Boasting both front air and rear hydraulic suspensions, the AM100 Plus promises a riding experience that’s as smooth as a duck on water. Whether you’re conquering craggy hillsides or cruising downtown, this suspension system ensures maximum shock absorption and stability.

Per technicalities of safety, the eAhora houses hydraulic brakes, possessing superior qualities than its mechanical counterparts. Even in the wet worst-weather conditions, the brakes ensure forceful, steady braking that empowers you with unmatched control and confidence.

The AM100 also sports three functional modes- Ebike, assisted pedaling and manual mode. Want a full electronic go-go experience or just a gentle pedal-assisted nudge? Or do you fancy a good old fashioned manual ride? This bike caters to all whims and desires, facilitating a truly personalized ride.

An In-Depth Look at the eAhora AM100 Plus 27.5” Electric Mountain Bike

The eAhora AM100 Plus 27.5” Electric Mountain Bike rightfully dominates the spotlight with its upgraded 500W high-speed brushless motor, serving as its powerhouse. This powerful motor not only amplifies its potential for hill climbing but also equips it with the strength to tackle various terrains. Whether your journey includes some steep inclines in the city or adventurous trails in the wild, the AM100 Plus isn’t one to back down.

Moving onto its top speed, the AM100 Plus promises an adrenaline-pumping 28 mph. This speedster isn’t just built to handle off-road dirt paths but is also capable of galloping down the open roads with breezy confidence. When you’re astride the AM100 Plus, prepare to feel the rush of the wind and the thrill of speed, be it on the well-paved city streets or your favorite hilly trails.

Given that the eAhora AM100 Plus still enjoys a certain novelty status on the market, we don’t have a heap of real-life user reviews to tap into. We’ve taken the manufacturer’s claims with a grain of salt. But, even with that caveat, the ‘eAhora AM100 Plus 27.5” Electric Mountain Bike Review’ suggests that the AM100 Plus, with its potent motor and commendable top speed, makes a tempting proposition for riders eager for an electric-powered thrill ride.

A Closer Look at the eAhora AM100 Plus 27.5” Electric Mountain Bike’s Battery Performance

The eAhora AM100 Plus 27.5” Electric Mountain Bike, often considered a stallion in the e-biking domain, boasts laudable battery endurance. Its potent and persistent battery assures you an uninterrupted, enjoyable ride. With the 48V 14Ah large capacity battery at its core, this e-bike effortlessly presents an outstanding performance in terms of climbing and acceleration.

In the exclusive electric mode, you can anticipate an astonishing range of 35-55 miles per charge. This enables you to undertake diverse landscapes with no trouble at all. If pedal-assist mode is more your style, rest assured that you will be rewarded with an even more impressive mileage of 70-84 miles per charge. These numbers translate to longer exhilarating rides before the battery’s energy saturates.

Further enhancing its appeal, eAhora’s 48V 14Ah battery presents an exceptional long life, managing about 1000 charge and discharge cycles. This design suggest that it will dutifully serve you for a significant duration before requiring a replacement or maintenance. Plus, with the facility to remove and charge the battery at your convenience, it practically eliminates the fear of theft, which is always a valuable bonus.

It’s important to note that while this review of the eAhora AM100 Plus 27.5” Electric Mountain Bike is primarily based on the manufacturer’s details, it’s always wise to corroborate the stated performance with independent reviews or firsthand user experiences.

Experience Superior Riding Dynamism with eAhora AM100 Plus 27.5” Electric Mountain Bike

Diving into the realm of top-tier suspension and formidable breaking systems, the eAhora AM100 Plus electric mountain bike guarantees not just a ride, but a sublime cycling expedition. This two-wheel marvel transcends the parameters of dynamic terrains and pioneering comfort levels, promising an indulgent experience teeming with smooth rides every turn of the paddle.

The eAhora AM100 is well-appointed with front air suspension and a rear hydraulic system working in tandem to effortlessly nullify shocks and bumps even on the rockiest trails. Its high-strength, shock-absorbing front fork and rear hydraulic suspension ensures commendable stability and control, making the AM100 a reliable companion both for exploring rugged mountains and navigating bustling city streets.

Equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, the eAhora AM100 Plus leaves traditional mechanical brakes in the dust. The hydraulic brakes deliver progressive, potent stopping power across all weather conditions, ensuring your safety is never compromised on your adventures. Combine this with the superior suspension and you’ve got a bike that smoothly tackles intimidating terrains and stops on a dime when required, making it the go-to choice for bold explorers who don’t shy away from a dash of adrenaline in the great outdoors.


The eAhora AM100 Plus 27.5” Electric Mountain Bike rides into the scene like a quiet, mysterious cowboy – packed with features and capabilities that are seriously impressive. With its robust 500W motor and long-lasting 14Ah battery, delivering speeds upto 28 mph and a range dictating a 35-55 mile ‘stampede’, it’s clear this steed is more than ready to handle any terrain. The dual suspension and hydraulic disc brakes indicate a thoughtful design, promising to make your rides smooth and safe.

However, like the enigmatic cowboy, it suffers from an air of unfamiliarity with few real-world testimonials to back up its manufacturer’s claims and hence, potential buyers may feel a touch lost while navigating their purchase decisions. Until this bike comes into its own in the market, the verdict still rides into the sunset, not quite decided as yet.

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