Cyrusher XF900


Bike Type
Mountain Bike
Mountains & Trails
Motor Brand
Bafang Motor
Motor Power
750 watts
Battery Brand
Battery Power
816 watt-hr
80 Nm
Max Speed
28 miles/hr
Average Range
50~62 miles
Bike Size
Tyre Style
Fat Tyre
Brake Type
Tektro/Zoom hydraulic disc brakes front + rear
No. of Gears
74 lbs
6061 Aluminum full suspension frame
TheBike Review Score
Users Rating
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Cyrusher XF900 Review

Looking for an electric bike that can take you anywhere? The Cyrusher XF900 is a powerful mountain bike that can handle any terrain. With a Bafang motor and a lithium-ion battery, this bike has the power to get you up any hill. The Tektro/Zoom hydraulic disc brakes provide reliable stopping power, and the fat tyres give you the traction you need to take on any trail. If you’re looking for an electric bike that can take you anywhere, the Cyrusher XF900 is the perfect choice.
things customers liked about the Cyrusher XF900
  • The Cyrusher XF900 is a great bike that looks sleek and rides smoothly.
  • The Cybusher XF900 has some great features, including a powerful motor, hydraulic disc brakes, and fat tires.
  • The bike is easy to put together, has a great suspension system and looks great.
  • The bike is big and powerful and can go just about anywhere. It comes with a lot of features including a Shimano drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes.
  • The Cyrusher XF900 has a lot of features that make it a great bike for riding on the street or on trails. It has a large LCD display, 5 power assist modes, a 750 watt motor, and 7 speed Shimano gearing.
  • things customers disliked about the Cyrusher XF900
  • There are some drawbacks to the Cyrusher XF900, including a lack of torque sensor, a heavier weight, and a shorter than expected range. Additionally, the quality of the tools included with the bike could be better.
  • The bike does not have a rear light, and the seat is not particularly comfortable. The bike is also geared more towards taller riders.
  • The bike is heavy and the suspension is not the best, especially when going fast.
  • The bike is a bit overpriced and the battery life could be better.
  • The bike is not very efficient and the range is not as good as advertised. The suspension is not top of the line.
  • The XF900 is a big bike and may be difficult to transport or store. The overall appearance of the bike is not as appealing as some of the other ebikes on the market.
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