10 Pros & Cons of The Blutron One Plus S65 Electric Scooter

“Dazzling features meet disappointing drawbacks, a thrill ride countered by queries on quality and safety.”

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Prime Features of the Blutron One Plus S65 Electric Scooter

  • Unleash the Power: With an impressive 800W peak power motor at its heart, this racing horse can gallop up to a leading clip of 20mph. To make your adventure more thrilling, it boasts a maximum range of 40 miles to set you free on the road.
  • The Route Master: The 10″ Pneumatic tires featuring anti-skid grooves and wear-resistant tread deliver a ride as smooth as silk. No more bumpy rides, enjoy a responsive ride with the Blutron One Plus S65 Electric Scooter.
  • Trustworthy and Robust: Become a stop-master with the ability to halt from 15mph to 0 within an impressive 13ft. Supporting up to 265lbs, it carries an aircraft-grade aluminum frame – as durable as Superman’s armour. Need to ride after sunset? The night safety lights will lead the way.
  • Dashboard Deluxe: Armed with a multi-function LCD dashboard, it provides real-time tracking of acceleration and braking intensity, speed, battery level, and odometer readings. It’s like your own personal mission control.
  • Play it Smart: Maximize your e-scooter experience with Bluetooth connectivity controlling your ride via the expressive Blutron App. From locking your scooter to monitoring riding stats and customizing features, everything is at your fingertips. Now, that’s what we call a Blutron One Plus S65 Electric Scooter Review!


  • The Blutron One Plus S65 Electric Scooter Review revealed that refilling the scooter’s rear tire with air can potentially turn into a saga, despite earnest repeated attempts.
  • The rear tire doesn’t stand alone in its failings, with issues recurring frequently enough to raise eyebrows about the quality assurance of the company.
  • Hopes were shattered, as the battery lifecycle disappointed, covering a modest 20-mile range instead of the fanfared 40 miles.
  • The folding mechanism on the scooter, unfortunately, doesn’t hold a candle to rugged reliability; it comes across as cheap and whimsically unpredictable, increasing the risk of accidents and injuries.
  • The story and credibility of this scooter take another blow when a seemingly innocuous bolt decided to part ways, leading to an unexpected folding fiasco and resultant injuries.

An in-depth dive into the Blutron One Plus S65 Electric Scooter Review

Introducing the Blutron One Plus S65 Electric Scooter. This lesser-known gem in the e-scooter market packs a powerful punch, pairing practical commuting with enjoyable leisure rides. Speeding up to 20mph? Check. A maximum range of 40 miles? Check. An 800W peak power motor that takes you from standing still to 15mph in an impressive four seconds? Checkmate. Just make sure to warn your morning coffee about the quick accelerations so it won’t get jealous.

Furthermore, this versatile machine effortlessly tackles up to 25% inclines, showing off its prowess across diverse terrains. The scooter’s INNOVA 10″ x 2.3″ pneumatic tyres not only have anti-skid grooves and wear-resistant tread, but they practically do the Macarena on slick or uneven surfaces with stellar shock absorption and puncture resistance, promising a buttery-smooth ride every time.

The Blutron One Plus S65 showcases a marriage of safety and durability. With the ability to screech to a halt from 15mph in a mere 13 feet, it ensures safety remains paramount. Its sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum frame supports riders weighing up to 265lbs, proving yet again that size is just a number. And with its 100-lumen headlight and blinking taillight, it ensures your night owl tendencies won’t compromise your visibility on late night riding adventures.

Does the Blutron One Plus S65 also feature a multi-function LCD dashboard, you ask? Of course it does! Monitor your speed, battery life, and odometer readings, or your acceleration and braking intensity, right at your fingertips. Adding to this convenient ride experience is the electric throttle that allows for quick action command while en route.

Bonus features include the nifty Blutron App with Bluetooth connectivity, giving users the power to control their e-scooter, monitor riding stats, and customize their own ride -from speed limits, to automatic headlights and energy recovery settings. If only they had an option to make our morning coffee too.

It’s important to note, however, that as the Blutron One Plus S65 Electric Scooter is not as popular as it’s high-profile peers, the review’s data is sourced mainly from the manufacturer’s interpretation of its features. Do tread mindfully and consider your personal preferences when contemplating this electric scoot. Ride responsibly!

Blutron One Plus S65 Electric Scooter Review: A Blend of Performance, Safety, and Technology

Dive into a thrilling ride with the Blutron One Plus S65 Electric Scooter. Engineered for excellent performance, this e-scooter brings an 800W peak power motor to the table. This enables a fast-paced commute at a top speed of 20mph. Its impressive maximum range of 40 miles keeps ‘low battery’ anxiety at bay for those longer, adventurous rides.

Delivering on performance doesn’t mean compromising on the ride quality. The Blutron S65 features INNOVA 10″x2.3″ pneumatic tires that are bred with anti-skid grooves and a wear-resistant tread. With these, the scooter offers a ride that is smooth, stable, and a worry-free experience across varied terrain types.

Not just performance, the Blutron One Plus S65 is a fortress of durability and safety. Its aircraft-grade aluminum frame endorses a robust build and provides reliable safety measures. Its stopping power is nothing short of impressive, able to halt from 15mph to a complete stop in just 13 feet. Additionally, a 100-lumen headlight, as well as an attention-grabbing tail light, ensures visibility in lower light conditions.

Aided by a multi-functional LCD dashboard, the Blutron One Plus S65 makes for a fully under-control ride. It displays real-time data like acceleration, braking intensity, speed, battery level, and the odometer. Paired with a two-buttons electric throttle, this scooter offers quick accessibility and thereby, optimizing the ease of use.

Interestingly, the Blutron One Plus S65 also integrates Bluetooth connectivity via its proprietary app. This feature allows you to customize your ride preferences, lock your scooter, and monitor ride statistics, amongst others. It fosters a personalized riding experience.

However, keep in mind, the Blutron One Plus S65 Electric Scooter is still relatively new to the market, which means real-life data is limited. The review is based mostly on manufacturer’s descriptions which can potentially introduce some degree of bias. Hence, caution is advised.

Blutron One Plus S65 Electric Scooter Review: Focusing on Safety and Durability

When it comes to electric scooters, safety and durability are just as crucial as speed and agility. Enter the Blutron One Plus S65 Electric Scooter, designed to maximize these two essential features, providing riders with secure and longstanding service.

The Blutron One Plus S65 distinguishes itself in the realm of safety with its exceptional stoppage power. With a stopping distance of just 13ft from 15mph to a full stop, riders can be confident in their ability to halt promptly and efficiently. It also features a bright 100-lumen headlight and a flashing tail light to enhance visibility, ensuring night-time excursions are just as safe as daytime rides.

Durability is where the Blutron One Plus S65 truly excels. Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, its frame strikes the perfect balance between strength and weight, providing a robust but maneuverable ride. It’s built to weather regular usage and varying terrains, proving its mettle in the durability department. Plus, with a maximum weight capacity of 265lbs, the scooter comfortably accommodates a wide range of riders, showing its versatility.

Blutron One Plus S65 Electric Scooter Review: A User’s Tell-all

There’s a strand of mystery surrounding the Blutron One Plus S65 Electric Scooter, owing primarily to its modicum of sales up to this point. It’s crucial to bear in mind that we’re mostly leveraging information from the manufacturer – which, like an overly enthusiastic parent at a kid’s soccer game, might be a tad biased. So, as you cozy up to this article, keep your sceptical spectacles handy.

A handful of brave users have reported certain hiccups with this electric steed. For instance, refilling the rear tire seemed to be a cryptic puzzle one user just couldn’t crack. The incident fizzles a spark of concern for riders prioritizing a ramrod ride and top-notch safety.

Quality and durability of the scooter’s tires got another yellow flag when a user faced problems with the rear tire post their first joy ride. Battery life too found itself under criticism when a user revealed it barely made it halfway to its claimed 40-mile life, dimming the shine for those long-distance commuters or energetic explorers among us.

The folding mechanism of the Blutron One Plus S65 Electric Scooter didn’t escape the radar of user complaints either. ‘Cheap’ and ‘unstable’ were a couple of adjectives thrown its way, following a few unpleasant incidents of the scooter folding up unsolicited, leading to falls and injuries.

While these experiences and concerns are certainly something to chew on, it’s essential to remember that it considers a rather tiny slice of the user pie. So, we recommend you throw on your sleuthing hat and indulge in some research and hands-on testing before you give a nod to the Blutron One Plus S65 Electric Scooter’s purchase.


The Blutron One Plus S65 Electric Scooter, on the surface, dazzles with an impressive set of features such as an 800W peak power motor that fleetingly promises a thrilling adventure. It boasts of a smooth ride experience thanks to anti-skid, wear-resistant tires, a robust aluminum frame supporting a large load, night safety lights for nocturnal adventures and a multi-function LCD dashboard that provides real-time tracking.

However, it becomes clear that all that glitters is not gold. The scooter has some not-so-insignificant drawbacks. From the tedious task of refilling the rear tire, the disappointment of a short-lived battery range to a questionable quality assurance echoed through recurring inconsistencies, the scooter may not be as reliable as it initially appears. The folding mechanism and certain parts also lack durability raising concerns about user safety. In conclusion, the Blutron One Plus S65 might be a formidable contender in the electric scooter market, but it is advisable to weigh the pros against the cons before taking it for a spin.

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