10 Pros & Cons of The Aosom Stunt Scooter Pro

“An impressively robust and efficient stunt scooter with minor room for improvements and a questionable fit for taller riders.”

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  • Feather-Light Yet Robust: From the house of the Aosom brand, the Stunt Scooter Pro is engineered using superior aluminum material. Not only does this make the scooter sturdy, but it also makes it light as a feather, aiding the riders in achieving better air and reducing the momentum exerted significantly.
  • Fast and Safe: One outstanding feature worthy of our ‘Aosom Stunt Scooter Pro Review’ is the installation of the ultra-fast ABEC-7 bearings. These ensure a quick acceleration for a blood-pumping, thrilling ride. Additionally, the scooter’s rear-wheel fender-braking system has been crafted meticulously to provide safe and reliable stops, even during high-speed stunts.
  • Excellent Control: The intelligently designed handlebars of this teen-friendly stunt scooter have a 360° swivel capacity enabling a wider spectrum of tricks and skillful maneuvers, thus adding the fun quotient. To ensure rider safety, non-slip surfaces have been provided along with soft rubber handles for optimal comfort during extended use.
  • Smooth Riding Experience: The inclusion of 4″ high-rebound wheels promises a seamless ride even at soaring speed limits, guaranteeing a smooth and safe landing post performing tricks.
  • Endurance: Built to last, this street-style trick scooter offers a whopping maximum weight capacity of 220lbs. It’s robustly crafted to withstand the pressures of rigorous stunts and daily use, creating a perfect balance of strength and durability.


  • The Aosom Stunt Scooter Pro might have been more of a wallflower than a social butterfly in the marketplace, given its less than flashy sales record. This equates to scant real-life feedback to enrich this ‘Aosom Stunt Scooter Pro Review’.
  • One must approach with a discerning eye, as our primary sources of info are the manufacturer’s claims – which could potentially wear rosy-tinted glasses.
  • A size matter indeed for some users, as grumbles about the bar size being petite have been voiced, particularly when in the hands of the 13-something crowd. The result? A less than comfortable joyride.
  • The vertically blessed among us may find the scooter’s dimensions less than accommodating; they might have to hunch to reach the handlebars or play footsie with the pavement due to insufficient legroom.
  • Expectation management seems to be an issue for a small group of users who thought they were getting a Vespa-sized beast, only to unwrap a modestly sized scooter.

Aosom Stunt Scooter Pro Review: Performing Tricks with Style

Diving straight into the nitty-gritty, the Aosom Stunt Scooter Pro is a delightful fusion of lightweight design and durable structure aimed at providing beginner level riders with an exciting introduction to the art of performing scooter stunts. Any sales figures we can glean might be a bit sparse, however, so do bear with us; our review is fueled predominantly by the manufacturer’s specifications and may be slightly skewed in their favour.

Built from sturdy yet featherweight aluminum, the Aosom Stunt Scooter Pro is aerodynamically designed to carve through the sky, bringing skydiving thrills down to ground level. Its cleverly low weight reduces the grunt work needed to gain speed, letting novices focus on the fun instead of fighting with physics.

The Scooter houses high-octane ABEC-7 bearings under the hood, offering the exhilarating acceleration sought after by aspiring stunt riders. And just because it flirts with danger doesn’t mean it forgets about safety. The rear-wheel fender brake system guarantees a reliable stopping mechanism, ensuring you can hit the brakes as hard as you hit the ramps.

Aimed at propelling trick performances, the Aosom Stunt Scooter Pro sports a 360° swivel handlebar for riders looking for that extra flourish. Non-slip surfaces and soft rubber handles assure a mishap-free, comfortable grip. As for the ride itself, it’s a smooth affair thanks to the 4″ high-rebound wheels that balance high-speed stability and cushioning upon landing. And, with a generous 220 lbs capacity, this stunt scooter is a solid choice for a wide array of adrenaline enthusiasts.

Still, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. A few discerning critics point out that the handlebar might seem a tad bit small for 13-year-olds. Taller individuals might not find it the right fit. So, as always, it’s wise to weigh these considerations before leaping into the purchase.

Aosom Stunt Scooter Pro Review: Unraveling the Mystery of Low Sales

When it comes to the Aosom Stunt Scooter Pro, a perceptive look into the market tells a tale of modest sales and limited popularity. Consequently, garnering substantial user experience data to outline a comprehensive and unbiased review has proved challenging due to the restricted pool of customer feedback available.

This predicament necessitates a cautious approach to this review. It’s worth mentioning that the forthcoming insights are predominately sourced from the manufacturer’s specifications, which could potentially skew the discussion towards the product’s virtues while glossing over its shortcomings.

Readers must bear in mind that opinions formed from such reviews may be steeped in promotional efforts by the manufacturer. A critical eye can help to discern the difference between the marketing hype and the actual worth of the Aosom Stunt Scooter Pro.


There’s no doubt that the Aosom Stunt Scooter Pro hits quite a few right notes. It boasts a sturdy yet lightweight aluminum construction, exceptionally swift ABEC-7 bearings for increased speed, and a meticulously-designed handlebar for enhanced maneuverability. The scooter’s high-rebound wheels ensure a smooth riding experience, while its stellar weight tolerance testifies to its durability. It truly excels when it comes to performance and safety.

However, every rose has its thorns – the Aosom Stunt Scooter Pro is not an exception. Its less prominent sales record and subjective manufacturer’s claims might warrant a pinch of skepticism. Aside from the skepticism around its marketing, some practical shortcomings, such as the petite handlebars and limited legroom, might leave taller riders or the age group of 13 and above feeling a bit ‘overgrown’ for this model. All in all, it’s critical to manage expectations—Aosom’s creation isn’t a Vespa, but a well-built, efficient stunt scooter with room for minor improvements.

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