10 Pros & Cons of The ADDMOTOR Electric Bikes M-560 P7

The ADDMOTOR Electric Bikes M-560 P7 offers robust performance and ample battery life for larger bikers and higher-endurance needs, but its weight, suitability for certain terrains, and exclusivity towards tall riders suggest potential users should assess their personal preferences and requirements before purchase.

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  • Stoutly Built for the Bigger Bikers: The ADDMOTOR Electric Bikes M-560 P7 caters to those with a hefty build, boasting a robust mountain frame that is capable of carrying up to 300 lbs. Doubly beneficial, it dispels the worries of larger individuals in their quest for a suitable e-bike.
  • Packs a Potent Performance: With a formidable 750-watt brushless rear hub-motor at its heart, this electric mountain bike promises power. Clocking a top speed of 23 mph, it scoffs at moderate slopes without needing exhaustive pedaling making for a more effortless riding experience.
  • ADDMOTOR Electric Bikes M-560 P7 Review’s Highlight – The Stay-On-Trail Stamina: An e-bike’s worst nightmare – running out of juice mid-way is waved off by the P7 M-560, thanks to its clandestinely placed, removable 48V 20Ah lithium battery. Delivering a remarkable range of up to 75 miles per charge, it readily preps you for longer explorations.
  • Informative LCD that Cares: The bike sports a digital LCD display that pulls double duty. Providing essential readings and stats, it also comes with a USB charging port, thus replacing a hunt for a charging socket with a breezy ride. With a night mode feature, even the moonlight won’t stop your ride!
  • A Mode for Every Mood: The M-560 P7 brings to table four distinct working modes – the throttle mode (Pure Power) for when your legs need a timeout, the Pedal-Assisted mode for synchronised efforts from both man and machine, and a Walking Mode for those times when walking seems wisest.


  • Lack of Widespread Recognition: This ADDMOTOR Electric Bikes M-560 P7 Review may have its basis primarily around information provided by the manufacturers, given that it has yet to capture the hearts and wheels of a larger customer base. This limited popularity results in a sparse amount of authentic, hands-on customer insights available for this bike.
  • A Niche Appeal: The larger frame of this bike which is apt for riders from 5’10” to 6’6″, might confine its allure to a particular segment of the market. Hence, this makes it potentially less inviting to individual users whose height falls outside this spectrum.
  • A Herculean Build: The M-560 P7 possesses the capabilities to shoulder adults nearly up to 300 lbs, but this might not earn brownie points from users who appreciate lightweight and easily manageable bikes. This additional heft could hamper the general biking experience, particularly in situations requiring transportation or lifting of the bike.
  • Sticky Battery: Even though the bike comes equipped with a concealed, removable 48V 20Ah lithium battery, it might come as a bit of a bruise to find out that this battery might not be so effortless to remove for charging or swapping. This may prove bothersome for users who prefer to carry batteries indoors for charging.
  • Restricted Terrain Mastery: While the bike’s 750-watt brushless rear hub-motor has adequate power for reaching speeds of 23 mph and conquering moderate slopes, the M-560 P7 might find more challenging terrains or steeper inclines a tougher nut to crack. This could prove a restraint for riders who regularly chart rough or hilly pathways.

Exploring the Terrain with ADDMOTOR Electric Bikes M-560 P7: A Comprehensive Review

Plunge into the electric bike market with the relatively nascent yet potent ADDMOTOR Electric Bikes M-560 P7. While not immune to the infant stage blues of limited public awareness and scarcity of real-world usage data, this electric mega-horse promises quite an exciting ride as per the manufacturer’s claim. Although one must bear in mind, every rose has its thorn, and hence discernment of the manufacturer’s descriptions is necessary.

Engineered for the heavy-duty riders, the M-560 P7 boasts an unusually large carrying capacity nearing the 300 lbs mark. The sturdy mountain frame is thoughtfully designed for riders towering between 5’10”-6’6″, bringing much-needed relief to the tall contingent seeking a dependable electric ride. Not to be left out, added amenities like rear rack and fenders lend a practical charm to the bike’s design.

The heart of this beast unleashes a massive 750-watt brushless rear hub-motor that can propel the bike to reach speeds up to 23 mph. Zoom up those hills without breaking into a sweat. Complemented by a cleverly hidden 48V 20Ah lithium battery; with a range of up to 75 miles on a single charge, distance is no longer a deterrent but an invitation to explore the unknown.

Functionality amplified, the M-560 P7 flaunts a multifunctional digital LCD display with a conveniently integrated USB charging port. Keep your devices energized while on the move. Includes a night mode for those moonlight escapes and displays core data like mileage and speed.

Flexible to the core, M-560 P7 comes with four operation modes: Pure Power/Throttle Mode, Pedal Assisted Mode, and Walking Mode. Tailor your biking experience to your preferences and circumstances, ensuring a game of comfort and convenience harmoniously woven into an exciting journey.

ADDMOTOR Electric Bikes M-560 P7 Review: Reinventing the Power of Two Wheels

Meet ADDMOTOR’s masterpiece – the Electric Bikes M-560 P7 – a compelling combination of strength, versatility, and innovation. Its robust mountain frame design makes it a sturdy companion for heavier riders, accommodating heights between 5’10” and 6’6″ and confidently supporting weights of up to 300 lbs. Remember, it’s always a good idea to double-check sizing before making any purchase.

Featuring a mighty 750-watt brushless rear hub-motor, this captivating piece of machinery comfortably reaches top speeds of 23 mph, imbuing you with supernatural power to tackle moderate hills without so much as moving a muscle. Its concealed, easily removable 48V 20Ah lithium battery gives you the gift of distance, allowing for journeys of up to 75 miles on a single charge. So go ahead, test your endurance.

The M-560 P7’s comprehensive digital LCD display is the cherry on top, serving as an indispensable sidekick on your two-wheeled adventures. Not only does it keep you up-to-date with essential stats like mileage and speed, it even includes a USB port for on-the-go device charging (because who doesn’t love convenience?). Evening riders, you haven’t been forgotten – the night mode ensures safe and visible navigation even after the sun bids you goodbye.

Adding to its appeal, the M-560 P7 shines with four distinct working modes, providing a bespoke riding experience for all. Whether you prefer to forge ahead on pure electric power, relish a pedal-assist boost, or simply want to stroll beside your trusty steed, this smart ride is ready and willing to adapt. Now, that’s what we call a flexible friend.

An In-Depth Look at ADDMOTOR Electric Bikes M-560 P7 Performance

Undeniably, the robust performance offered by the ADDMOTOR Electric Bikes M-560 P7 is akin to a charging bull in a bullring, making it aptly suitable for larger riders. This electric beast, courtesy of its mighty 750-watt brushless rear hub-motor, can push boundaries with a top speed of a mind-numbing 23 mph. Not to mention, even the cheeky gradients of moderate hills can’t dampen the M-560 P7’s spirits as it surges ahead effortlessly, no pedaling assistance required.

This electric mountain bike’s prowess doesn’t end with power. The M-560 P7 shines in long-haul performance with its covertly placed, removable 48V 20Ah lithium battery allowing for a whopping 75 miles range on a single charge. So, whether you’re an off-road trail explorer or a long-distance commuter, no need to be tethered to a charging station – you are free to roam!

Incorporating high-tech features into the frame, M-560 P7 offers an intuitive multi-function digital LCD display to keep riders informed at a glance. From mileage and speed stats to the ever-handy USB charging port, adventure riding gets a tech boost. Plus, for those nocturnal riders, the night mode LCD feature ensures no vital information slips into the darkness.

In the M-560 P7, the power of choice lies at the rider’s finger tips with four selectable riding modes. Whether you wish to let the electric motor take full rein in Pure Power/Throttle Mode, have it assist in the Pedal Assisted mode, or engage Walking Mode when you choose to take a stroll, the versatility of M-560 P7 caters to your every whim and fancy. The ADDMOTOR Electric Bikes M-560 P7 Review truly provides a customized field trip for every rider out there.

Reimagining Riding Experience with ADDMOTOR Electric Bikes M-560 P7

Experience the brilliance of seamless functionality and diverse modes with the ADDMOTOR Electric Bikes M-560 P7, an outdoor rider’s dream. This powerhouse boasts a larger load capacity, comfortably accommodating riders nearing 300 lbs, truly an ideal pick for larger riders. High praise is given to the robust design of the mountain frame, specifically tailored to fit riders between 5’10” and 6’6″ like a glove.

Your quest for power ends with the M-560 P7 – armed with a heavy-duty 750-watt brushless rear hub-motor, it propels you to speeds of up to 23 mph effortlessly. Zoom up moderate slopes with no pedal assistance, letting the bike do all the heavy lifting. The hidden 48V 20Ah lithium battery lives up to its full potential, giving you the freedom to travel up to 75 miles per charge. Say hello to longer and more thrilling rides without any power-related concerns.

Functionality gets a facelift with the multi-functional digital LCD display, imparting vital information such as mileage and speed with precision. A USB charging port is incorporated into the display, facilitating device charging on-the-move. The night mode feature ensures optimum visibility during nighttime adventures. Gadget enthusiasts everywhere can rejoice in this innovative integration.

The M-560 P7 is versatile with four distinct working modes that cater to different riding styles. Opt for the Pure Power/Throttle Mode for an unadulterated power ride, sans pedal assistance. The Pedal Assisted Mode offers an extra power boost for active riders seeking a more engaging experience. The Walking Mode provides ease of movement and control of the bike at low speeds. Truly, the ADDMOTOR Electric Bikes M-560 P7 is where functionality meets rider preference.


In conclusion, the ADDMOTOR Electric Bikes M-560 P7 offers a sturdy solution for brawny bikers, backed by potent performance, ample battery life, an informative LCD and smart usage modes. While these features clearly cater to niche needs, they lean towards a segment of users in search of a powerful, high-endurance e-bike that can handle moderate terrains and comfortably support larger individuals.

Despite these advantages, the M-560 P7 may face some bumps on the road for wider acceptance due to its confined appeal based on rider’s height and the robust built that might not suit everyone’s preference for a lightweight e-bike. Engaging with the extensive battery and its handling can result in some sticky situations. Furthermore, its capability to tackle challenging terrains may be questionable. Hence, it is recommended to gauge personal needs and comfort before deciding to invest in this model.

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