7 Pros & Cons of The ADDMOTOR E-43 Electric Bike

The ADDMOTOR E-43 Electric Bike offers a blend of endurance and power with standout features, but the absence of practical data necessitates caution until its true performance on the road is validated.

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  • Boasting a potent 48V 20Ah Samsung removable battery, the ADDMOTOR E-43 Electric Bike delivers unmatched range up to 125 miles (PAS1), gifting riders with unlimited freedom and reliable performance.
  • Outfitted with a high-powered 48V*500W rear brushless gear motor, capable of delivering over 907 peak watts, the bike provides notable torque for uphill challenges and speedy acceleration, making any terrain its playground.
  • The assembly of this electric steed is a breeze, with 85% of the heavy lifting already done. You’re just a front wheel, handlebar, seat, and pedal attachment away, with all tools kindly provided, from experiencing the joys of its ride.
  • Engineered for endurance are the 26*2.3″ stab-resistant tires. Whether its sandy beaches, snowy paths, mountain trails, or city streets, these low-resistance designed tires ensure a smooth, confident ride.
  • The digital LCD display, strategically mounted on the handlebar for easy visibility, pops with clarity, even under the moonlight’s gaze. It’s the command centre of your ride, presenting battery life, speed, distance covered, biking mode, turn indicators, and even hosting a handy USB port for those essential on-the-go device charges. A feature that further elevates the ADDMOTOR E-43 Electric Bike Review.


  • While the ADDMOTOR E-43 Electric Bike brags an appealing design and substantial specifications, it substantially lacks in real-world data and sales record which makes it difficult for a comprehensive ADDMOTOR E-43 Electric Bike Review.
  • It’s worth noting that there could be a potential bias in the manufacturer-provided descriptions, given they are the sole source of information. It might be prudent to approach these claims with a certain amount of skepticism until secondary resources become available.

The ADDMOTOR E-43 Electric Bike Review: Power-Packed Peformance in a Premium Shell

Entering the expansive realm of electric bikes is the ADDMOTOR E-43, a machine that encapsulates innovation and robustness. While it’s yet to reach the zenith of popularity, its power-packed features are sure to catch the discerning cyclist’s eye. Let’s dive into the specifics without letting manufacturer bias cloud our judgment.

At the heart of the ADDMOTOR E-43 is a high-capacity 48V 20Ah Samsung removable battery, promising an astonishing 125 miles on PAS1 mode. Thanks to Samsung’s 21700 battery cell combination, the capacity skyrockets to 5000mha. Safety hasn’t been compromised for power, with an upgraded waterproof and spark-proof charging port ensuring peace of mind.

Powering your rides is a 48V*500W rear brushless gear motor, peaking at an impressive 907 watts—a smooth invitation to quick acceleration and effortless climbs with a max speed of 20 MPH. Its innovative internal design reduces noise, improves heat resistance, and dissipates heat effectively, thus guaranteeing reliable performance.

Setting up the ADDMOTOR E-43 is as breezy as a downhill ride, with 85% of the bike pre-assembled and tools included for attaching the front wheel, handlebar, seat, and pedals. So, you are back on the road without any delays.

Rhyming with the name, robust 26*2.3″ stab-resistant tires bring stability to your ride. Whether it’s beaches, mountains, trails, or snow–every terrain will feel like a smooth highway. Enhanced by reflective strips, these tires ensure you’re visible even during those moonlight escapades.

Mounted on the handlebar is a 2.0 multi-function LCD display. This upgraded digital buddy includes a night mode for visibility and a USB port for charging your devices on the go. It displays your journey’s essentials like battery bars, speedometer, odometer, biking mode and also signals your turns. It’s almost like having your dashboard on your handlebar!

Unleashing the Power Within: ADDMOTOR E-43 Electric Bike Review

There’s an undeniable beast under the hood of the ADDMOTOR E-43 Electric Bike – a robust 48V 20Ah (960WH) lithium battery. That’s a whole lotta energy waiting to take you to great places. The range? An astonishing 125 miles in PAS1 mode, at least according to the folks who make it. It’s what you’d call a marathon runner in bike terms.

This power pack utilizes Samsung’s cutting-edge 21700 battery cells, pushing up to 5000mha. We’re talking about reliability and endurance that’s ready for whatever the road might throw your way. Plus, the charging port’s summer-ready, being both waterproof and spark-proof. I mean, who doesn’t like to avoid spontaneous combustion during charging?

And talk about taking on hills – this bike sports a 48V*500W rear brushless gear motor that scoffs at inclines and meets them head on. You can look forward to smooth, breezy rides, thanks to over 907 peak watts of power. And with a top speed of 20MPH, it’s fast enough to feel the wind but slow enough to enjoy the view.

Keep in mind, all this power play is based on the manufacturer’s claims, so let’s sprinkle a bit of caution over our excitement. The ADDMOTOR E-43 is somewhat new to the market which might result in sparse real-life data. Nonetheless, the provided specs tell us this: pack your picnic basket because this bike can handle long, leisurely rides into the sunset.

Whizzing Through the ADDMOTOR E-43 Electric Bike Review: Motor Performance and Speed

Let’s shift our focus to the heart of the ADDMOTOR E-43 Electric Bike – Its motor, a beast in its own right. Clocking in at a staggering 48V*500W rear brushless gear motor, this electric velocipede delivers over 907 peak watts of pure power. Not only does this impressive feat empower the bike to bulldoze hills, but it also ensures nippier acceleration, making it perfect for a wide variety of terrains.

Moreover, who wouldn’t relish a heart-pounding ride that hurtles you forward at a top speed of 20MPH? If you’re hunting for an invigorating and speedy cycling adventure, your quest ends here.

Zooming back to the motor, ADDMOTOR has diligently set about enhancing its hallmark with a unique inner ring design. Why you ask? Well, it significantly ramps up the resistance to heat, making your rides smoother and much more efficient. Concurrently, it also curbs the noise, an added bonus for the peace-loving riders among you, and steps up its game in the heat dissipation department. So, whether you are in it for a quick jaunt or a rigorous all-day ride, the motor keeps your journey smooth sailing.

Unpacking the ADDMOTOR E-43 Electric Bike: Assembly and Support Explained

Delving into the world of the ADDMOTOR E-43 Electric Bike, we encounter the exciting realm of assembly and customer support. Do keep in mind, we’re primarily drawing from the picture painted by the manufacturer’s descriptions, so maintaining a pinch of skepticism is advisable.

The ADDMOTOR E-43 Electric Bike is marketed with a claim to effortless assembly, delivering the bike 85% pre-assembled. Tasks left to the customer are minimal, involving the front wheel, handlebars, seat and pedals that need to be attached with included tools. Through this, the manufacturer ensures that you won’t need to hire a dedicated team of bike-building experts or conduct nightly rituals praying for divine intervention for a successful assembly.

As for their customer support, the manufacturer makes bold strides. The proactive measures taken to guarantee a damage-free delivery, paired with their readiness to offer assistance as needed, signals an unwavering commitment to their customers. While the specifics of their support leave room for guesswork, the proactive approach the company uses might elicit sighs of relief from potential buyers of the ADDMOTOR E-43 Electric Bike.


The ADDMOTOR E-43 Electric Bike seems to be a robust and appealing choice for those seeking liberty, endurance, and power in their electric biking experience. The bike’s notable features like a potent 48V 20Ah Samsung removable battery, a high-powered 48V*500W rear brushless gear motor, and the 26*2.3″ stab-resistant tires promise an unmatched range, potent torque, and a confident ride on any terrain. Balances of convenience and functionality also shine in the bike’s simple assembly process and comprehensive digital LCD display.

However, the bike does come with its detriments. The lack of real-world data and sales records leaves grey areas in the practicality and functionality of the bike that promotional specs can’t fill. Skepticism arises as much as interest, hinting that riders should perhaps hold their horses (or in this case, their bikes) till this electric steed proves itself on the actual road. So, while the ADDMOTOR E-43 Electric Bike certainly promises a compelling ride, the proof, as they say, will be in the pedaling.

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