15 Pros & Cons of The 67i Kids Scooter

“A delightful blend of safety, innovation, and longevity, marred slightly by potential complexity and a questionable weight limit.”

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  • With its 4-level adjustable height functionality, this scooter truly grows alongside your child. They’ll be able to enjoy swooshing around on it for years to come, leading to more bang for your buck.
  • The secure lifting and twisting lock on the T-bar can adjust from 23.5″ to 33″ off the ground, ensuring versatile accommodations for the diverse range of heights in little riders.
  • 67i Kids Scooter utilizes a lean-to-steer technology in its design, topped off with a lightweight construct. This feature incredibly aids in improved control and balance, making it breezy for your child to swivel it to any direction and halt when needed.
  • Quick stops won’t be a problem with the large aluminum-reinforced rear wheel foot brake. A squeeze and your tiny speedster grinds to a halt, an essential for paramount safety.
  • Brightens-up their scootering experience in the coolest way possible, the motion-activated PU wheels require no batteries. The pace of the scooter determines the brightness of the lights. Riding just got more fun and visually appealing!
  • Stability and visibility are cornerstones of the 67i Kids Scooter’s design – thanks to the 3-wheel feature, with the bigger pair up front.
  • The deck is comfort-personified! It’s wide enough to offer stability, low enough for easy hopping on and off, and its durability is proven by a weight capacity of up to 110 lbs.
  • Last but not least, outstanding customer service is a part of the package, putting your satisfaction first.


  • The 67i Kids Scooter may not be the blockbuster that we’d all hoped for, with rather modest sales figures suggesting a lukewarm reception among users. Whether this affects your decision to purchase or not is probably subjective, but it can raise eyebrows about overall user satisfaction.
  • Unfortunately, the real-world performance data isn’t as plentiful as we’d like – meaning we largely have to rely on the manufacturer’s potentially rose-tinted perspective. To make this ’67i Kids Scooter Review’ fair and balanced, we’d definitely prefer more hands-on user feedback.
  • The scooter prides itself on a 4-level adjustable height, although be warned the handlebar isn’t infinitely adjustable. Measuring between 23.5″ to 33″ from the ground, this height range may exclude some kids on either end of the height spectrum.
  • Whilst the Lean-to-Steer technology may sound like a futuristic marvel, in practice it can be a bit of a challenge for young riders unfamiliar with this method. Not everyone’s going to have Mercedes Hamilton’s instincts when it comes to balancing and turning – some practice might be required.
  • The sturdy aluminium fortified rear-wheel brake is built for effectiveness, although the manufacturer claims it’s particularly useful for preventing muddy water back-splatter. That’s great unless your little one needs to perform an emergency stop – because that’s not what it’s primarily designed for.
  • The motion-induced PU wheels with lights offer visual delight, but the luminosity is speed-dependent. If your child isn’t zooming around at high speeds, the lights could be less bright, potentially affecting the safety and overall allure of this feature.
  • While the broad deck design offers increased stability for little feet, the scooter’s weight-bearing capacity tops at 110lbs. For bigger and older children, this might not cut it, limiting scope for an enjoyable, all-inclusive family scooter experience.

An In-depth Look at the 67i Kids Scooter: A Features Review

Meet the 67i Kids Scooter: a versatile, age-adaptable ride-on toy that truly knows how to grow up with your child. Boasting a 4-level adjustable handlebar, it comfortably accommodates kiddos from 3 to 12 years, ensuring a snug, secure ride no matter the age. While we might not have piles of real-world data to back up the scooter’s performance or saleability – it still being a bit of an “underdog” in the market – we’ve got all of the manufacturer’s insights to offer you an objective review.

What sets this scooter apart, you ask? The Lean-to-Steer technology, for starters. This element promises effortless maneuvering and better control over balance. The combo of this, paired with its feather-light design, helps your child negotiate turns and maintain stability in riding. The large aluminum-enhanced rear-wheel foot brake dials up the safety quotient with faster stopping, minus the splashes of muddy puddles.

Now, onto the fun part – the motion-activated PU wheels. They not only add a festive touch with their bright carousel of lights but also work without battery hassles. The faster your child cruises, the brighter the light show – kind of like a built-in cheerleader that boosts both excitement and visibility. And those two chunky front wheels? They take the magic show from day to night with an eye-catching glow after sundown.

The 67i Kids Scooter is engineered with stability and endurance in mind. It has a spacious deck, wide enough for two tiny feet, fostering a comfy ride and smooth switching between pushing and coasting. And its 110lbs weight limit reveals a sturdy, built-to-last construction that won’t buckle under playful pressure.

As for customer service, the 67i team doesn’t skimp on it. They have a responsive and supportive team to navigate you through any queries or concerns about your child’s scooter, effectively adding the final touch to your purchase experience.

The 67i Kids Scooter Review: A Versatile Scootering Option for Growing Children

Imagine a kids’ scooter that evolves just as rapidly as your child grows. Well, consider the 67i Kids Scooter, for this concept is a reality it proudly represents. The main attraction of this scooter is its effective 4-tier height adjustability feature. This intriguing functionality means that the scooter grows alongside your child, ultimately adding to its lifespan and usability.

The adjustment range is quite generous, spanning from 23.5 inches to 33 inches from the ground. This makes it an ideal fit for children aged between three to twelve years. Whether your child is a beginner just learning the ropes or an experienced rider seeking more thrill, navigating the optimal handlebar height is simply a breeze. The adjustability not only fosters a tailored fit but also ensures a comfortable and ergonomically sound ridging experience for your little ones.

What’s more, the height versatility embraced by the 67i Kids Scooter transcends individual usage. It is designed keeping in mind a primary aspect of family life, sharing, facilitating the smooth passing down of the scooter among siblings. Thanks to this feature, it promises to be a cost-effective choice for families, aptly demonstrating how a smartly designed product can prove to be a worthwhile investment over time.

67i Kids Scooter Review: Turning, Stopping, and Adjusting Made Easy

The 67i Kids Scooter bridges the gap between playtime and safety, subtly teaching kids how to balance and coordinate their movements with its clever design principles. The Lean-to-Steer technology is a child-friendly approach to learning how to navigate a scooter. It’s simple – the child just leans to the side they want to turn to, and voila! – they are setting their own course. This mechanism is not just fun but also instrumental in honing their motor skills.

Stopping, often a concern for many parents, is smooth and efficient on the 67i model, no sudden screeches or jerk movements to worry about. It’s designed with an aluminum reinforced rear-wheel foot brake that not only provides safety but empowers the child to control their speed. An added bonus is the cleanliness this brake system ensures, preventing muddy splashes on your little one’s back legs during their scooting escapades.

Another fantastic feature of the 67i Kids Scooter is its adjustable handlebar. No need to worry about your child outgrowing their scooter too soon. With 4 adjustable height options, this scooter grows with your child, accommodating children between ages 3 and 12. This adjustability not only ensures ergonomic comfort but also extends the lifespan of the scooter, ensuring you get your money’s worth.

Unveiling the Robustness of the 67i Kids Scooter: A Complementary Blend of Stability and Durability

Highly acclaimed for its robust and expansive deck structure, the 67i Kids Scooter offers a promise of safety and comfort for your child during their adventurous rides. Its generously proportioned deck offers plenty of room for both feet, effortlessly transitioning from the push-off to the gliding phase. This is a boon for young learners mastering their balancing skills.

This robust deck doesn’t compromise on quality. Made with top-tier materials, it’s designed to stand up to the rigours of frequent usage. With its impressive ability to carry up to 110lbs, it is versatile enough to accommodate a wide range of ages and sizes. Parents can breathe a sigh of relief – this scooter is built to endure.

Enhanced stability is another key feature, thanks to the well-thought-out deck design that sits close to the ground. This makes it easy for kids to mount and dismount without any fuss, reducing the risk of mishaps. Its broad deck aids in maintaining balance, ensuring a smooth and secure ride each time.

Before you settle on this, it’s crucial to shed light on one aspect though – our ’67i Kids Scooter Review’ is based mostly on manufacturer specifications. Due to its relatively lower popularity, real-life insights on its durability and stability features are sparse. So, we highly recommend that prospective buyers take this into account, consider other customer reviews, and factor in their personal requirements before making a final purchase decision.


The 67i Kids Scooter shines with its adjustable height feature promising longevity, assured safety introduced by an effective brake system, and an innovatively lit up ride with the motion-activated PU wheels. The solid emphasis on safety, balance, and overall fun makes it worthy of consideration. Its lightweight design, lean-to-steer technology, and ideal deck size further make handling a breezy experience for young riders.

However, it’s not all smooth riding. The less than stellar market performance and limited real-world data question its acceptance among users. The restricted adjustability of the handlebar, potential complexity of the lean-to-steer feature for novice riders, and a weight capacity which might restrict older children can detract from the overall experience. Nonetheless, for those ready to lean into the turns of balance and coordination, the 67i Kids Scooter could be a solid buy with its blend of innovation, safety, and long-term use.

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