17 Pros & Cons of The 350W Electric Bike Conversion Kit

“A promising but imperfect solution, offering powerful features and sustainable travel, yet marred by lack of real-life data and potential installation pitfalls.”

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  • Unleashing the Power: The defining powerhouse of the 350W Electric Bike Conversion Kit rests in its robust front motor wheel. With a brushless gear hub motor rated at 350W, your ordinary cycling journey transforms into a smooth, efficient escapade reaching speeds between 15-18mph (25-30km/h). Experience the satisfying electric surge, enhancing your ride while preserving the sheer joy of cycling.
  • A Mighty Load-Bearer: Fear not if you’re a bit on the heavier side! Supporting a load of 220-330LB/100-150KG, this conversion kit comfortably accommodates riders of various sizes. The high load capacity ensures stability and support, all while guaranteeing a pleasant and safe expedition.
  • Braving the Elements: Rain or shine, the waterproof controller included in this kit is reliable and durable. It’s like the Thor of electric bike conversion kits, wielding a high level of protection that ensures the kit’s longevity.
  • Environment-friendly Crusader: The Pedal Assistance System (PAS) in this kit features a prompt 8-level response. This encourages you to use your own pedal power instead of relying on the throttle exclusively, making your ride a bit greener. Who knew you could be eco-friendly while zooming down the lanes!
  • Keeping Tabs with Style: Offered in the kit is an LCD display that behaves as your digital dashboard. It shows battery level, speed, and even your trip metrics. It’s like having your personal assistant on board- minus the small talk.
  • Accelerate Intuitively: The kit incorporates a thumb throttle accelerator, which means you don’t have to replace your bike’s grip. It’s a subtle, efficient, and intuitive way to control your speed. Minimal effort, maximum delivery – that’s the motto!
  • Ensuring Safety First: With the power cut-off brake handle, your safety is prioritized. The power supply is instantly disconnected once the brake signal is perceived, providing peace of mind especially in quick-stop situations.
  • User-friendly Setup: The kit ensures an uncomplicated assembly. It’s like transforming your pumpkin – ahem, regular bike – into a magical electric ride. Save your time and effort with this simple installation process and hit the roads pronto!

Note: The provided information primarily relies on the manufacturer’s descriptions as the real-life data for this product, particularly for a ‘350W Electric Bike Conversion Kit Review’, is limited. Readers should be aware that the pros listed might be influenced by the manufacturer’s inclined perspective.


  • Though the 350W Electric Bike Conversion Kit may pique interest, it doesn’t seem to have taken e-cyclists by storm based on sales, and concrete world data for a comprehensive 350W Electric Bike Conversion Kit Review is a little scant.
  • The manufacturers might have had rose-tinted glasses on when describing the product, which may compromise the review’s impartiality and precision.
  • Like buying a toy and realizing the batteries aren’t included, you’d unfortunately need to shell out a bit more to get a battery for this kit.
  • The motor wheel’s max speed of 15-18mph (25-30km/h) could potentially dash the dream of those wannabe speedsters amongst us.
  • If your body scales the heavier side of the spectrum, the kit’s max load capacity of 220-330LB/100-150KG could disappoint.
  • The PAS system prides itself on having 8 levels and high sensitivity. However, the reality may not entirely match the selling point.
  • The LCD display might turn out to be a complex riddle to solve rather than an easy-to-use interface, highly dependent on the design.
  • The power cut-off brake handle function could actually handle power cut-off as well as a cat handles water when the power supply is disconnected – not smoothly, that is.
  • Although it touts itself as “easy to assemble”, if you’re the type who struggles to put together an IKEA chair, you may disagree significantly.

A Comprehensive Peek Into the 350W Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Embarking on the journey of this review, it’s worth noting the 350W Electric Bike Conversion Kit isn’t exactly a chart-topper in the sales department yet. With a somewhat limited footprint in the marketplace and scarce real-world user feedback to tap into, our review largely draws on manufacturer’s specs, admittedly, who might make their product sound like the next best thing since sliced bread. We implore readers to don their critical reading glasses for this.

Let’s start with the front motor wheel. With a nifty 20-inch diameter and a 36V 350W brushless gear hub, it promises speeds from 15-18mph. A hefty load capacity ranging from 220-330LB (that’s 100-150KG in the Queen’s English) is included in the specs, theoretically delivering a smooth riding experience.

Breaking down the brain behind the brawn, the controller, it operates on a 24-48 Volt system with a power output of 350 Watt, allowing a 15 Amp capacity. Notably, the controller boasts a waterproof design, since it’s always smart to be prepared for those infamous pop-up showers during rides.

The kit exceedingly impresses with its Pedal Assistance System (PAS) feature, offering eight sensitivity levels. This means, riders get to cycle partially under their own power, helping conserve battery life, and giving them a chance to feel like environment-friendly superheroes that emit less carbon.

Further sweeteners in the deal are an LCD display showing battery status, speed, and your tour de force on both single and total trips. Plus, a thumb throttle accelerator does away with the need to replace your bike’s original grip, and a power cut-off brake handle for instant halt is there for those “whoa, Nelly” moments.

In conclusion, the 350W Electric Bike Conversion Kit introduces several impressive features designed to turbo-charge a cyclist’s ride. The caveat, however, is the limited real-world presence, as we largely base our 350W Electric Bike Conversion Kit review on provided product descriptions. A deeper look into each component and performance bit follows, so stick around for the details.

Delving into the 350W Electric Bike Conversion Kit

In the burgeoning world of e-bikes, the 350W Electric Bike Conversion Kit distinguishes itself through an array of impressive features. Its current market standing belies its potential, as we will uncover through an appraisal of the manufacturer’s provided information.

Astoundingly, this kit comes equipped with a 20-inch front motor wheel powered by a 36V 350W brushless gear hub. This potent configuration catapults the kit to a maximum speed of 15-18mph (25-30km/h), hence providing users with a thrill ride without compromising on the charm of a cycling experience. The kit’s commendable robustness is highlighted by its maximum load-bearing capacity, ranging from 220-330LB/100-150KG, catering to riders of diverse body dimensions.

The inclusion of a 24-48 Volt, 350 Watt, 15 Amp, 6 Mosfet controller into the mix advances functionality and longevity by leaps and bounds. This efficient power moderator comes in a waterproof design, and its controller box, ensuring smooth operation even in the thrumming rain. This feature fortifies the underlying electronic components, thereby spiralling up the longevity of the kit.

A Walkthrough of the 350W Electric Bike Conversion Kit Review

Its standout feature remains the Pedal Assistance System (PAS) equipped with 8 different sensitivity levels. It allows riders to optimise their cycling routine by extracting maximum performance from the bike without overt reliance on the throttle. Not only does this pulp out the intended exhilaration from the activity, but it also benefits the environment by toning down on carbon dioxide discharge and electricity consumption.

Moreover, the LCD display introduces a new level of interaction and control over this e-bike. It displays vital parameters like battery percentage, speed, and total and single trip distances, providing the rider with real-time performance feedback. Furthermore, the presence of a thumb throttle accelerator appeases the end-user by eliminating the demand to replace the existing bike grip.

Another gem in its repertoire is the power cut-off brake handle. The controller ceases power supply instantly upon discernment of a brake signal. This ensures an immediate braking response, and consequently, the bike’s safety multiply manifold. Notwithstanding the feature-packed nature of this kit, its assembly remains undemandingly straightforward, a testament to the brilliance of its design.

350W Electric Bike Conversion Kit Review: Maximizing Your Ride with Advanced Features

The 350W Electric Bike Conversion Kit adorns your bike with an advanced Pedal Assistance System (PAS), taking your ride efficiency to the next level. With 8 different levels of sensitivity, the PAS enables you to glide smoothly on your e-bike, thereby reducing your dependence on throttle response. This smart system embraces environmentally responsible attributes by cutting down carbon dioxide emissions while conserving energy.

Pioneering in functionality and convenience, the kit includes an LCD display that serves as your instant informant. It keeps track of vital information like battery life, speed, and journey distance, be it a single trip or cumulative. This real-time update on your ride condition allows for judicious planning and execution of your trips.

The kit comes with an innovative thumb throttle accelerator, eliminating the need for grip replacement. It allows for an intuitive control of your bike’s speed. Complementing the pedal assistance feature is the power cut-off brake handle, an essential safety addition. This feature instantly disconnects power once the brake signal is apprehended by the controller, adding an extra shield of protection to your rides.

Installation of this kit is as easy as ABC. It packages a front motor wheel built with a brushless gear hub and a controller box designed to be water-resistant. Detailed instructions come with the kit, paving a clear path towards quick and hassle-free setup. Regardless of your expertise with electric bikes, the user-friendly assembly steps ensure a seamless installation process.

350W Electric Bike Conversion Kit Review: Smooth Assembly for All Levels of Experience

Dive into the world of electric cycling with the easy-to-assemble 350W Electric Bike Conversion Kit. Aimed at making the process as smooth as a pedaling downhill, this kit ensures a hassle-free experience for both experienced techies and newcomers to the scene.

Opening the package, you are greeted by all the essential parts neatly sorted and labeled, taking the guesswork out of assembly. Included in the kit are the front motor wheel, controller, Pedal Assistance System (PAS), LCD display, and a power cut-off brake handle.

The most substantial part is the front motor wheel powered by a robust 350W brushless gear hub. Consider it as giving your bike a superhero upgrade – it’s as easy as swapping out your current front wheel. Detailed instructions and hardware are generously provided to assist in affixing the wheel to the fork.

Next in line, the controller. It boasts a waterproof build ensuring a long life for your conversion kit. Its plug-and-play design treats you to a quick installation. Just match and connect the wires to their corresponding labeled ports for a secure link-up.

The PAS offers 8 levels of sensitivity, letting riders enjoy a seamless, throttle-free riding journey. As easy to install as popping in a fresh pair of batteries in the remote, the sensor conveniently connects to the bike’s crankset.

Additionally, an LCD display sits ready to inform you of crucial riding data like battery levels, speed, and distance covered. It nestles nicely onto the handlebar replacing the need for any extra throttle accelerator. Think of it as your bike’s mini-cyborg eye.

Lastly, the power cut-off brake handle steps in as the protector of the ride. This smart feature cuts-off power supply as soon as the brake signal is detected. The attachment process is identical to replacing your existing brake handle leading to a seamless fusion with your existing brake system.

To wrap it up, the 350W Electric Bike Conversion Kit offers an intuitive assembly process accessible to all skill sets. Its clear instructions and labeled parts allow users to convert their traditional bike into an efficient e-bike without needing to ring up your tech-savvy friend.


As we sum up this 350W Electric Bike Conversion Kit Review, we certainly see a promising product that packs several advantageous features. With its powerful front motor wheel, high load support, and waterproof controller, it assures an exhilarating, safe and reliable ride. It’s a nod towards sustainable travel with its Pedal Assistance System and displays features akin to a digital dashboard for keeping track of your ride’s metrics. The kit’s intuitive control and user-friendly setup are other strong selling points that make it a valuable addition to your regular bike.

However, it’s crucial not to ignore the drawbacks. The scarce real-life data and less than stellar sales figures suggest users may not be as gung-ho as the manufacturer’s claim. The necessity of an additional battery, the comparatively lower max speed and load capacity, potential shortcomings of the PAS system, and varying installation experiences might put a dent in the user’s expectations. Thus, while the 350W Electric Bike Conversion Kit certainly has its perks, a thorough consideration of its limitations is a must before deciding to transform your regular bike into an e-bike.

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